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31st January 2016 - 16:54 | London UK, london

First let you tell you about myself .I am 50 year old asian Lady .I got married when i was 19,i had two girls, both grown and married and live in us,canada. My husband Died year and half ago.
My husband and always to wanted Swing but it was very difficult.After the girls gone we were going to do it so my husband said you look sexy but your boobs needs to bigger firmer and i had lasered of hair on legs other partsof body.I always make love with ladies and my hubby new that.but before all can happen he passed away .so took over year to get over him .I started to watch of porn and especially lesbo ones since i was alone that is only way i can make myself happy
I did not advertise on porn site for girls. so idecided to in london city i dressed up and wentand want comes.This club was full of gays lesbians that is why picked it.I was ordered drink and 2 mature women were looking at me for while and one them came over and is this first time i said yes.she said you look lost ,i smiled .And she want kind of women you are into.I said young.She said do you see any one here you like,i said not really.She got her mobil out and i want to show you this girl if you want date her.she showed me picture of her and told me her name is jules.I said i like her ,she asked me my number and i gave it to her .She wanted take my picture and said yes .About two days i got a phone call from Jules ,she asked me for a drink.I asked meet at westfield shopping center .it was easier for both of us travell.
I dressed up in black short one piece dress and black boots and winter coat.i got there 5 ,she came phone where i was and met up.We went for coffee.we talk for while for this that and other.and i asked her who is lindsey .She said she was her aunt.Her aunt how old i was she did not mine ,she said look so sexy and very young .I asked her how old she was ,she said 20.we got on so well .we went to have meal.After i asked if she like to go my place.YES with big smile and she stuck her toung a bit ,i smiled.i did not wanted to anything in public,we got to my place .i open the door and let her in then closed the door behind me .Jules started kissing me .she said you sexy i wanted to do that since i show your picture.after few minutes later we parted we our lips.I asked if she wanted a drink ,she said no you know what i want.Lets got to your bed.i took my coat off and she did th same, as we got near the bed push me down on bed. push my dress up pull my knikers off.And she went straight with her toung between my legs .The girl toung fucking me just like porn i was watching.lasted for about 20 minutes,then slid up and started playing with boobs after while turned her over and i slid down between her legs ,this went on for long while and she asked me to wait ,few minutes later she came back with big strapp- on .Got in dogging and she slid it in slowly and started pumping it was great.I did same to her .after she got tiered ,slepped on my boobs .My dream came true i wish my hubby seen it.He would have been very happy .Since then i have met few girls.Jules and me great friend we even 3/4 some with other girls.I love this life
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