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The recent Tiberian fuckfests, you know you need to read about them...

22nd May 2016 - 6:13 | London UK, London and everywhere

Well OZ Readers, it's your old fave... and some things never change. Here on OZ we have the privilige of reading raging sexual despondency - from the dude who never finds anything except paid sex for example - and some of it is for real. The Darwinian principles are certainly universal.

Just as inevitably, there have been many ultimately delicious Tiberian fuckfests.

In fact, very recently there have been delightful fuckfests in five different countries which - incredibly - do include the UK (but, don't get too excited, they do not involve any Brits as usual)... we all know the deal with the repressed and prudish British culture and faux-princess Brit girls.... so these very fun females are Chinese, American, Eastern European, South Africans and Mexicans. Including the ones I met in the UK on recent visits.

In fact, dour Britain has been the scene of scandalous debauchery in three of these cases. My sluts and I laugh at the repressed prudery of the Brits around us before we get down to biz.

Here are some recent choice quotes from these cultured, alluring and voracious ladies. I like my vareity as you all know, and this group includes Asian, black, Latina and white women.

First, yesterday:

"You're most welcome and thank you for flying all the way down. I had an absolutely delightful time with you too. My legs no longer sore, and my ass is now blissfully relaxed actually. No sores and aches, but instead filled with nice floaty feelings. Still have that happy after sex face. Earlier, I masturbated and came hard to the thought of the master working my ass until I was screaming. :) Oh yes, it was delightful walking around town with you.

I too was exhausted - I slept on the train from one end to the other. I feel recharged and ready to take on the world! Haha! Take good care and be well. The Tiger welcomes the master when he visits next time. TigerGirl"

[Tiger's screaming in the high-end hotel was something to hot!]

"Hope your flight went well and thanks again for the amazing trip - had a fantastic time with you, once again as always... Many hugs and kisses for mah master. Svetlana"

[Ah a constant lovely...five years "together" now simultaneously with our other relationships...]

"I'm absolutely over the moon that we manage to meet last night. The most fun I've had in years. Oh my god, you really left me yearning for more. As much as I enjoyed the conversations we had by the bar, you left me wishing we had not spent that much time talking instead we should have gotten to business straight away. But I just thought I should let you know you were amazing. A real man. Rebecca"

[BTW, Rebecca's cleavage-revealing and provocative outfit was quite the spectacle for the conservative business guys and their wives at that Hilton bar... girls, take note, when you dress to meet the master at the bar for our icebreaker convo, put some game into it like she did! More fun for us all!]

"You've ruined me for other guys! They are all too dumb or too weak to have the honor of having me. And I'm too lazy to go out and look for playtoys. I have resorted to looking at CL ads again but not with the same luck...Larissa"


Larissa's note really says it all - that's what women usually think about guys here and elsewhere.

My balls are aching and empty as I write. You see exactly why.

These quotes are all 100% real but it's only inexperienced and immature males who just don't get it. They don't want to believe that this is possible because, for them, their dateless and generally fuckless situation is too depressing and this sounds like something out of their deepest fantasy. But it helps to understand that I am a world-class master and it takes years of worldwide experience and reflection to operate at this level.

My connections with my women are very deep and if you can't understand that, you aren't developed enough to play with success.

Dudes - if you don't have as much fun with women as I do - and ladies, if you aren't feeling as radiantly ravished as my cultured sluts above - then you are doing something (maybe everything) wrong.

As always, I remain at your disposal, chuckling softly from behind this screen before I move to the next turf.

The Emperor
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