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The idiots in my organisation

6th October 2016 - 17:19 | Bristol UK, Stapleton

To the stupid white men in my office who have asked me some remarkably offensive questions recently.


"Would you like to do anal?/get naughty with a white man?/be my first ebony?"

Company rules mean I can't hire Mike Tyson to beat you to a pulp. So this is what I would tell you if I knew it wouldn't lead to automatic dismissal or a disciplinary.

J, R, W, L and S (who should know better)

You're GROSS. You're STUPID, You're IGNORANT and you STINK.

Most sensible people have given up smoking but you BELLENDS still smoke about two or three packs every chance you get. Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest! We can all see you on the CCTV cameras.

You're not worth the scum in my toilet bowl. When you come back stinking out the office we have to open the windows. BTW, you should shower with anti bacterial soap and hot water regularly. Again, YOU STINK.

When you use the term 'ebony' it lets me know that you've been jerking off to porn. FYI, 'ebony porn' is usually BY black people FOR black people unless there's some tiny dicked white sap involved. Not really for the likes of you.
The only thing you should 'try' is AN EDUCATION.
I'm a graduate and you've barely even got CSEs!

Are you jealous that a young black woman is so far ahead of you because you've been in the company for years and never been promoted? Is that why you make your stupid comments? There there.

You think it's 'banter.'

No, your halitosis, B.O, greasy hair, fat stomachs, MELANIN deficient, sallow skin are not attractive.

And it's bordering on sexual harassment.

Jowly necks and wrinkly hands are disgusting enough but actually would be fine, a normal symptom of the ageing process but on you, it shows how OLD and UGLY you are. Yes, I do mean to be unkind. if you were just getting on with your work and not being overfamiliar, I could happily ignore you all day. You go out of your way to get my attention don't you? Like stupid little boys. In your 50s.

I HATE working anywhere near you. We all have to pay the bills so I turn up every day. How I wish you would DISAPPEAR. Count yourself lucky that I've been watering down the racist comments to my boyfriend. If he knew what was really going on, somebody would be in intensive care! Actually I wouldn't want him to get arrested for GBH, especially for MISGUIDED IDIOTS.

IF you don't know that your comments are racist, stupid and offensive, EVEN THOUGH YOU'VE BEEN TOLD SEVERAL TIMES, you're beyond help.

Stupid, delusional old men, I'm young enough to be your GRANDDAUGHTER. Your interest in me is NOT welcome or flattering. It makes me BARF.

That's what I'd say if I could. Actually this whole rant could be summed up in two words. The second of which is OFF.
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