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Female doctor told me I had a small penis

29th September 2016 - 7:34 | Birmingham UK, Birmingham

A few months ago I started to have some stinging pains in my testicles which didn't go after a week so I went to see my doctor. Usually It's a male doctor but when I was in the waiting room I heard it was a female doctor as she called the next patients name out over the speaker.

I went in and it was an Indian lady about 30 years old. I told her the problem and she said it was quite common and there's not always a reason for it but she could inspect me if I liked. She explained she'd need a chaperone in the room, I think it's because of her religion or that she's female she needs someone else there so I can't say she did anything she didn't.

She called the reception and a female receptionist walked into the room, the one I had seen on the desk when I came in. She was a blonde lady aged about 50 with glasses.

The doctor said "Can you remove your clothes, just pull down your trousers and underwear". Because I was in a small room with two women I couldn't help but start getting hard, I could tell it was coming on and was trying not to because I didn't want to be embarrassed about being stiff.

I said "sorry" and the doc just smiled and said "It's ok" in a normal voice with a slight smirk and laugh. I looked at the female receptionist and she was straight faced but covered her mouth to cough which I'm not sure was just normal or if she was trying not to laugh. She was looking at my cock too.

After feeling around my balls the doctor said she couldn't feel anything wrong and "don't worry, I find it's more common in smalls ones." I don't know if she meant small balls or a small dick but either way the receptionist heard and then the doctor said she could leave the room.

She asked if I had any trouble getting erections normally and when I said no she joked "I can see". She asked me if I had sex regularly and I said no which was all very embarrassing. She said again it was more common amongst small ones and a lot of men had it so don't worry. She gave me some pills to get and said to come back if it didn't go but thankfully it did.

The thing is I was fully hard at the time and have never been called small before. There was another female on reception and I had to walk out passed them both wondering whether the one had told the other what had happened.
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