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The cells of your body vibrate with your thoughts

27th January 2017 - 16:01 | London UK, Hillingdon

Energies of sex magic

This is the most powerful tool that is appropriate for deliberate reality creation.

Sex is one of the most ( some say THE most ) powerful energies on the planet.

To grasp its awesome and often overlooked power, take a look at the starving parts of the world. Take away their food, take away their dignity, humiliate and torture them and THEY STILL MAKE BABIES.

Within our loins lies an energy that has the potential to create Any reality we want. Unfortunately, most humans have a love/hate relationship with sex that is reflected in many ways( I.e., denial, shutdown, religious dogmatic views, intolerance, rape, abuse, etc. ).

Religion has done much to suppress our divine sexual nature and has kept the masses ignorant of potential uses of sexual energy.

When we accept and embrace our sexual nature we are free to use its awesome power for our benefit. We no longer worship it or deny it. We come into balance and view our sexuality as part of our divinity. It becomes joyful, light and loving. We learn to use sex for more than procreation or sensual gratification.

Here's a take on celibacy. Many people, including so-called enlightened teachers and religious figure, misunderstand celibacy. True celibacy is not a denial or suppression of sexual energy. True celibacy is when one chooses to focus/channel their energy. There are many ways to do this but sex magic is not one of them since it involves sexual stimulation. Tantra embraces both the sexual path and the celibate path.

Sex is creative energy. Magic is the art creating reality.

True magic is simply the art of creating what you want. We can liken all the processes given to us by the masters and teachers as tools in our magician's or shaman's bag. People who consciously and deliberately create their reality are ultimate magicians in the planet.

Energies of sex magic is based on belief that the most powerful moment of human existence is the orgasm. Sex magic is the art of utilising sexual orgasm.

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