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Are you attentive to your master's every needs?

15th November 2019 - 12:15 | London, London | Age 44

'Get on your knees and suck my cock, whore!... is that what you want me to say? Are those the words you want to hear from your master's mouth?'
'Yeth, Mathter.' Or at least it sounded that way... difficult to be sure through the gag. But the nodding head and desperation in her body language told their own tale.
'So, you want me to put my beautiful, clean, pristine, sublime, cock, into your filthy, dirty nasty, mouth, so you can taste me and enjoy yourself like whores do? Is that it?'
'Yeth, Mathter!!!' Again, this time more insistent, and with enthusiastic movements and head bobbing up and down in anticipation.
'And do you think you've earned yourself such a treat? After all, Masters don't just let any dirty girl off the street have access to their cocks. Only the most well behaved, obedient, good, sweet, and proper girls are allowed such things. Are you well behaved, obedient, good, sweet, and proper?'
'Yeth, Mathter!!' A new level of desperation and excitement. She was working herself into a frenzy.
'Liar. Why do girls lie, when they know masters can always tell? I'll never understand what goes on in your silly head. How do you possibly think that you could be a well behaved, obedient, good, sweet, and proper girl, when you are kneeling in front of me, mouth gagged, eyes blindfolded, dressed like a slut, clothes pegs on your nipples, and a plug in your bottom? Does that sound like the sort of thing a well behaved, obedient, good, sweet and proper girl would do?'
'No, Mathter.' Shaking her head as it dropped, disappointment clear in her body language.
'No, it doesn't sound like it to me, either. Now, you need some corner time for trying to trick your master. Get in your corner!' A swat to her backside, a little yelp, and she shuffled off, on her knees, blindly trying to find her corner, stumbling, catching herself on her bound hands, whimpering, eyes filled with tears of disappointment in having let her master down, and determined to please him, to obey him, to get it right this time. This time she would do her corner time properly, and obediently, and maybe she would get a treat for being a good girl.
He smiled to himself as he noted that she had ended up in the wrong corner. The silly girl would have to do it all over again. Oh well, he'd let her finish her ten minutes, then tell her. It would do her some good to learn a hard lesson. He knew she would thank him for his kindness.

Hi. I am an experienced master whose use of words and teasing mind games is exactly what you crave and need.
Physically I am in my mid 40s, younger looking, tall, athletic, sometimes have a beard, or a goatee, or stubble, or am clean shaven, depending on my mood. I usually have longish curly brown hair, but sometimes cut it shorter. I am reasonably inoffensive looking, though some have been known to go into fits and seizures upon seeing my face.
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