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For a plump mature Indian Lady

14th May 2019 - 18:30 | London, London | Age 48

Hello, thank you for taking a couple of minutes to read my post.

First, a little about me. I'm a (UK born) Indian male in my mid 40s, of average build and height, well educated. I am a shy but warm, and friendly person - lively and witty too. I have youthful and intellectual looks.

Anyway, let me tell you about an experience I had many years ago:

I was 24 and the lady involved was over fifty at the time when this incident took place. She is a short, plump, mature lady with a big round ass and big boobs. She always wore traditional Indian saree with her hair tied back in a bun. I suppose she could be described as being matronly. Aunty was a widow of a good many years by this time.

I had known Aunty, as I called her, a family friend, from when I was very small. But since adolescence, I began having sexual fantasies about her. Over time, these grew and by the time I was in my twenties, I was thought about what would happen if I made my fantasies come true with her, although I never intended to. Then some events occurred which got me thinking.

One day, when she was visiting our house, I also noticed her looking back at me once when she bent down on al fours to look at our video recorder as she was going to buy one. She raised her buttocks up and down a few times. Yet another time, she was waiting for a car ride to go shopping from a guest visiting us. However, as she waited, she sort of lay down next to me on the sofa and fell asleep. I took this opportunity to eye her saree clad fat ass.

Another time, me and some friends were chatting amongst ourselves in my room about how girls masturbate more and use fruit. Unbeknown to me, Aunty was just on the other side of the door and when she came in for some reason, I was sort of taken aback. Perhaps she had not heard anything but she seemed in need of attention.

Once, when there was a special occasion and we had lots of guests over at our house, Aunty was attending also. I went into the kitchen and to put down a dish in the sink. On the way out, I accidentally brushed my hand against Auntys breasts, as she was by the cooker probably serving and there was not a lot of space near the doorway. I apologised but I felt her big nipples and for a long time thats all I could think about. She probably thought nothing of it, after all it was an innocent mistake and I was the little boy she had always known. But I made nothing out of it.

Yet another time I was visiting Aunty at her house, as I usually did when I went for a walk every day. This time she had returned from a holiday after a while. And when she greeted me, she had nothing on top but this black brasier covering her big boobs. She stood over me as I sat on the sofa with her big boobs almost exposed from the brasier whilst she chatted to me. But I think this is what pushed me over the edge, seeing those big giant boobs almost exposed. It drove me wild.

So I started thinking that perhaps there was something going on and that maybe if I approached her, she may be interested. But I always panicked thinking what would it do to our relationship if she rejected me. I kept going in circles like this. Until a certain day when I decided this just needs to be done. Damn the consequences as it were.

That night, I resolved I was going to let Aunty know how I felt about her. It was already late, around eleven at night but I decided I had to take action then and there or forever be afflicted with longings. I gave her a phone call to let her know I was coming. She was taken by surprise and thought I had an argument at home and wanted to leave the house. So, although I was nervous, I was committed and managed to get myself to her house. My cock was also dripping wet.

I rang the doorbell and was nervous as hell. Aunty opened the door and I entered. Aunty was in her black petticoat and wearing only a black blouse on top with her belly exposed. I could now see the shape of her big rounded breasts in their full glory.

We walked to the sitting room. As I followed her from behind, I could see her fantastic grand 'gaand' bulging out from her petticoat. We entered the sitting room and sat on the sofa, her next to me. She had already laid out a mattress and made a bed for me on the floor. I was very nervous at this point. But I forced myself to say despite almost passing out. I simply said, Aunty, I will do whatever you tell me but I want to sleep with you. I won't tell anyone.

At first she thought I meant something else and said, "You can't sleep with me now, you are too old" but she looked at me and realized what I meant. She immediately covered her breasts with her hands. "I think you have got the wrong signals." She then said "I can never sleep with you, I will have mental problems, I am like your mother." She told me I was disturbed. I lamely said Sorry, that I liked her and I didn't want to upset her. She continued to lecture me, "You like me because I am older. But there can never be anything between us. Did you know I am older than your parents?" But she mellowed a little. She said "You can't help it. You have urges. You have needs. I don't have any. I don't know how to do it." She then suggested ways I could get relief, exercise etc. She said I should find a girl my own age and ask her. "This is why people should get married young. In this country they go out and date." She then asked if I would like her to ask my father to look for a bride for me. I replied there was no need, I would do it myself. I again apologised for upsetting her.

I got up to leave through the door but Aunty also got up too and stood right in front of me. I got the feeling that despite what she said, she wanted me to stay. She talked more. She said she would think more about what to do to help me. She asked me to come as I did every day. She added it was good I got things out in the open as I would feel better. Then came an awkward moment. She still stood in front of me but we did not talk. She kept looking at me.

I took a chance. I put my arms around her and drew her to me. I moved my hand over her big round soft spongey ass and felt up and down her ass crack. I moved in to kiss her. She tried to slap me but I took her hand and kissed it. I then told her I was sorry. I was about to go but she still stood in my way. Again we stood in silence just looking at each other. So I asked her, "Would you do me a favor. Can you show me your bottom? Then I promise I will go."

She then walked over to the sofa, bent down on her knees on the floor and raising her massive ass, resting the elbows on the sofa. She looked at me. I could not believe myself!
I was really panicking. But I walked in towards her. I went down on my knees and touched and felt her massive ass all over. It was beautiful - big, soft and round. I rolled my face all over. I then lifted up her petticoat to reveal the panties covering her big ass. Her panties were hot and the crotch dripping wet. I pulled them down and right off. At last I was looking at her bear behind. It was a truly wondrous sight.

I rolled my face all over her big beautiful bulbous ass and licked around her asshole whilst fingering and teasing her hairy wet pussy lips. She let out a moan of joy, she just could not help it. I teased her pussy with my tongue, licking it up and down from the tip of her clitoris to her asshole and back, over and over gain. My aunty moaned in ecstacy She had not been touched like this for a long time and even then, probably not this way. The musk of her cunt just drove me wild and horney. Her juices tasted amazing.

I kept on licking and kissing her ass. She loved it. I then felt her breasts with my hands. They were fantastic, an absolutely huge handful and then some. I squeezed her udders gently like I was milking them. All the while I kept squeezing those udders I also kept licking and teasing her cunt lips and ass hole.

My cock now was rock hard, leaking constantly, and needed to be untrapped from my cum soaked undies for it to grow to its full glory. So, I got up and looked at aunty. She turned to look at me and said it was OK. So I took off my clothes and took out a condom. Aunty put it on my hard cock which just made me more aroused. We both got back down and I took off Auntys big brasier. The sight of her bare breasts unleashed was amazing. I squeezed them, sucked and licked on them a while as Aunty held and cuddled me. I went back down and kept licking and teasing her from behind whilst squeezing her breasts. Her nipples felt huge. I then spread her ass cheeks and licked her crack up and down, inserting my fingers gently in and out of her cunt. By now my cock was so hard and wet, I just needed to enter that hot wet sloppy and tight furry black slit, it was driving me wild and crazy. So whilst squeezing her udders, I gently entered her. She loved it and let out an almighty moan. I pushed my cock in to her further, all the while squeezing her big udders and then kissing the back of her neck all over. We kept going like this for a while.

I then changed positions. I lay flat on the floor and shifted her ass over my face. She in turn whilst squatting over my face took my cock and stroked it up and down gently. I gently inserted my fingers in, and out, over and over, in her cunt and asshole whilst I licked out her pussy. She was moaning ecstatically and soon she lay down on top of me and took my cock in to her mouth whilst also fingering my asshole, in and out, over and over. We kept going like this for ages.

Aunty now was getting so wild, so crazy, she was ready to fuck proper. So she got up and squatted down over my pelvis and took my hard cock in her hands and began to milk it up and down. Just the sight of Aunty with her large breasts hanging out and doing that to me nearly made me shoot my load but I managed to control myself. She then took my cock, put it in to her pussy and rode me up and down. Oh, it was fantastic. Soon, she laid down on me. I kissed her and carressed her. My hands wandered down and I fingered her asshole as I sucked her big beautiful mammoth breasts.

Soon Auntys fucking got more intense and as she rode faster and faster, I slapped her big fat arse over and over until Aunty let out a giant wail. We both finally climaxed. We held each other a while just kissing and carressing. We spent the night together in her bed. But what had we done! But it was OK even though at first she said this could never happen again but it did, lots of times.

So, did this little experience of mine do anything for you?
Are you a big breasted hot mature (30-65) Indian bbw lady, just like my aunty, big built or large? Then I would love to meet you - I just love you big and round ladies.

Please don't be shy - if you are interested, drop me a line. Can be discreet if needs be. No harm in just meeting for a chat first - and if we are both happy, who knows what...

Please note: No commercial offers.
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