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Are you struggling with a major issue or inner conflict?

26th July 2019 - 11:52 | London, Battersea/nine Elms | Hourly Rates £60

Is life for you something you have to deal with from behind a mask? Are you stuck with living in your own inner world through needing to keep various aspects of your life hidden and secret from others? Do you feel that you need to keep secrets and even tell lies to others just to either keep the peace or continue living as you are?

There's a reason for this.

Imagine that you're a patient in the office of a hypnotist and it's the start of the session. The hypnotist tells you "When you wake up you will not be able to remember any of this conversation." What they're not saying is that you won't be able to think otherwise. But what the hypnotist is doing is placing a hypnotic suggestion in your mind, and in placing your total trust and confidence in the hypnotist you are creating authority and will go along with this suggestion.

The exact same thing happens in life and it's been happening ever since you were a small child and receptive to the world around you. You have been put through a process of social and mental conditioning by your parents, your teachers and pretty much everyone else to believe that there are certain rules in society which are sacrosanct, which apply to everyone and cannot be changed. This all starts with the statement "It's true" or "This is the truth."

This is all part of the grand conspiracy of life which we all play on each other. Think of all the times that other people have told you something is true or the truth, and also how many times you have also played a part in this conspiracy by telling others that something is true or the truth.

However there is also something which is called reality, actual reality and quite often this reality is completely different to what we believe is the truth. This is why some things happen in life which shouldn't have happened, and why some things which should have happened in your life haven't.

Okay so let's now get down to the bottom line of this posting.

I'm addressing this posting to everyone and anyone who has gone through an experience in life where something should have happened but didn't, or who have gone through an experience in life which should not have happened. Or even where something happened which was unavoidable.

Each of these experiences have put you through a traumatic experience out of which there have been serious consequences which have had a major effect on your life.

Here I'm referring to the serious consequences, and a major traumatic experience, such as being in an abusive relationship, an abusive childhood, an addiction, depression, an anxiety disorder, a sense of inner isolation and loneliness, the feeling that nobody else understands you, a sense of guilt and shame, and so on. I'm referring to pretty much any major experience in life which has somehow turned your life into a struggle.

I'm also referring to those among you who are stuck in difficult or messy relationships, either with someone who you are dealing with now, or someone with who you had a difficult relationship in the past.

I am here to make your life much easier and to either make that struggle much easier by setting you on the path which is right and appropriate for you, or by liberating you from that struggle.

What am I offering you?

Let's start with the things I'm not offering you here. I'm not offering you life coaching, I'm not offering you any therapy. I am not a therapist. This is not psychotherapy. I'm not here with a professional qualification and offering you a tried and true method by imposing a solution on you which you have to believe to accept.

I am a shaman.

What is a shaman? A shaman is anyone who has followed their own path through life and gone through experiences, acquiring knowledge and a much higher level of consciousness and awareness to become a shaman and to be able to help, support and heal others through mysticism and that higher level of consciousness.

For the past 25 years or thereabouts I have been helping and supporting various people from all walks of life to be able to overcome their struggles in life and to start living their life on a much higher plane of consciousness.

Therefore I have been carrying out my shamanistic work long before I even became conscious of the fact, a couple of years ago, that I am a shaman. I hold no professional qualifications, but have gone through a journey which has taken me nearly 50 years, includes such studying such things as Nagarjuna Buddhism, the occult, mysticism, magic, spirituality, and Taoism, and which started out from a traumatic and abusive childhood.

Please understand that I'm not here to 'fix' you, or heal you, or improve you in any way. I don't need to.

All the answers and solutions you are seeking lie somewhere deep inside you. My role here, as a psychic and spiritual empath is to work with you and your life, your experiences of life, to find those answers and solutions which lie deep inside you, and to reflect them back to you.

This is what gives you a choice. You can continue to live, as you are doing now, going through your life experiences, and hopefully one day you'll go through that experience where you figure it out for yourself. Or you might not.

Or you can work with me and in the space of a few meetings reach that higher level of consciousness and figure everything out with me, and start living your life with a very clear idea of what to do and how to go about things.

I'm not here to make money out of you or try and string you along on the basis of me having access to knowledge and an understanding which is somehow spooky, mysterious, or esoteric which you have no access to.

I work exclusively with your felt sense of immediate experience. The focus of our meetings is you, your life, your feelings, your experiences. The effects of my work are all very real and experienced first hand by those I work with. If you haven't felt it or experienced it then it hasn't happened. I deal with consciousness and reality. Most people I have worked with only need two or three meetings. No more.

This is how I work. We meet once to get to know each other as an initial introduction meeting somewhere for coffee and to talk. Then if we agree we arrange the real meetings and get down to doing the work needed.

I usually prefer this to be a home visit where I come to you and you're comfortable in your home environment. I'm friendly, totally non-judgmental, easy to get on with, and sharp enough to get to the bottom line very quickly. You can tell me anything, anything at all. I've heard it all and nothing really fazes me.

I'm also up front when it comes to how much this is all going to cost. Note that my rates are per meeting, not per hour, and the maximum budget for everything is £180 (three meetings plus an introductory meeting at £20 which is taken off the cost of the next meeting). This means if we can get everything down to two meetings (not counting the introductory meeting) the maximum budget falls to £120.


Please feel free to message me and ask me questions and to book an introductory meeting.
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