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(Update) Do you remember your first orgasm? I do!

7th October 2019 - 18:26 | Essex, Hatfield Peveral

Hi. I hope this is read by both men, and women. Any comments or feedback from either sex will be fully appreciated.
Maybe you remember your first orgasm? Do you feel like sharing your story?

I think I was about 14, at the time. so it was almost 60 years ago, but I still remember it.
Older boys at school used to talk about spunk, and wet dreams.
In the school playground outside toilets, I’d often see, what boys called spunk, splattered on the urinal walls.
They said that if I rubbed myself, and pulled my foreskin over my cock head, I’d get an erection, and once that happened, I’d soon produce some spunk, and it would be a very nice experience, so, I was hooked on the idea of trying it.
They said they had wanking competitions at night, behind the bike sheds, to see who could cum first, produce the most cum, and see who could shoot the furthest.
I really wanted to try it for myself.
At that time, I’d never seen a naked female body. Not even a peek at a pair of tits, and a woman’s vagina, I just couldn’t imagine. I only knew they didn’t have a cock, but some other hole that they used for pissing, so I had nothing to get sexually excited about, except the thought of holding a tit in my hand.
So, when in the comfort of my own bed, I had many thoughts about what it was all about.
I had started growing pubic hair, and slowly, over a few nights, I began to touch myself, and soon found my penis started to become erect.
It was a strange feeling, as it was a completely new experience for me, but it was a feeling of growing up, and doing what men do.
Over the course of several nights, I played with myself for what seemed ages, but an orgasm didn’t happen.
I think I was scared to climax, as the feeling of venturing into unknown territory was a bit scary.
If I went to completion, how much spunk would come out? Would I be able to stop it, mid flow? Would it completely soak my bed? Would it squirt on the ceiling? Would I be able to hide the evidence from my parents? Would it be painful? I just didn’t know.
I thought that maybe I’d try it in the bath, as the spunk would be easier to hide.
So, over the course of several weeks, I soaped up my cock, and found the pleasure to be quite intense, but I was still reluctant to go all the way. Just before reaching the point of no return, I’d stop short, even though my cock stayed hard, and throbbed In anticipation, but I was still a bit scared of what cumming would be like.
Well, eventually I plucked up the courage to do it.
I had one hand on my cock, and the other rubbing my balls. It felt so good.
I got close to cumming, several times, but backed off. My mind was racing in anticipation of the unknown.
Eventually, I decided it was now, or never.
I had some pre cum dribbling out of the head, and used it to lubricate myself, but there wasn’t much of it, but what there was, worked quite well.
Finally, I was reaching the point of no return, and I was both, excited, and scared, in equal measures, but there was no going back now.
I felt the tension build up in my whole body. I’d never felt like this before when experimenting with my manhood.
I knew I was just seconds away from the much anticipated orgasm.
My cock was so hard, and it was throbbing so much, it was almost painful. I was now wanking faster, and I felt my balls tightening with the tension.
At last, the feeling started. My balls were experiencing a tingling, and I could feel the sensation working it’s way up my cock. My mind was racing, I was so excited, and tense, but I knew I could no longer hold back. Suddenly, it was like my cock was about to explode. There was an initial squirt, quickly followed by several more, my whole body writhed with a feeling of euphoria and I felt like I had come for at least 60 seconds, but it was probably much less than that. The feeling was absolutely unbelievable. All the tension was finally released, and my whole body began to relax. My cock remained hard, and I continued wanking for several minutes, until my erection started to fade.
At last, I’d done it and it felt so good. The amount of cum was quite small, as it was my first time, and I didn’t realise how much more cum I’d produce as I got more experienced at wanking.
From that point on, I found myself wanking several times a day, and experimenting with different ways of doing it, but the feeling of the very first orgasm has lived with me forever.
I soon went on to have a full, first time sexual encounter with a girl, but that’s another story.
If my story has bought back any early sexual memories for you, maybe you can share them with me?
Lots of you reading this, but you’re not contributing.
Any ladies brave enough?
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