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Do you know who you really are?

10th November 2019 - 0:07 | London, Sw London | Hourly Rates £50

How do you know that you're not fake? How you do know that you are the real you, and not somebody else?

Who are you really referring to whenever you say the words "I" or "me"?

Think about this for a minute. Think about your life and what has happened throughout your life.

Has your life not been full of people all trying to tell you who you are? What to think? What to believe?

So what if they were wrong? What if they were lying to you? What if what they were telling you about who you are was wrong? How would you know? What would you be able to do about it? Would you know?

I'm not suggesting that the people in your life have anything but your best interests at heart here. But think about this. Think about the things all this influences, such as everything you believe, everything you think you know about yourself, everything you think. How you perceive other people. How you perceive yourself. The choices and decisions you make in life. The kind of people you choose to associate with.

But what if you and me could meet up for a conversation for say a couple of hours where we talk about your life and your whole life experience, and what I told you about you made much more sense and lots of things 'clicked' into place?

What if you finally figured out who you really are, what path you needed to take through life, and your best way of connecting to people?

What if I could show you a way where you could connect to pretty much anyone you wanted to? In whatever situation? For whatever reason?

Would you be interested?

A bit about me:

I'm a shaman and philosopher. I've spent more than 25 years helping different people from all walks of life find themselves and live much better, happier lives. I'm based in Battersea but am willing to come to you, if you supply good coffee (I'm not joking, I'm a spiritual empath and focus on you throughout out meetings, so need caffeine).

The £50 quoted is not hourly but for a complete meeting. It shouldn't last a couple of hours and you shouldn't need more than a couple of meetings.

So what I guess this comes down to is whether you want to spend £50 or £100 for the consciousness to figure out who you really are.

If you are interested and want to know more please send me a message to find out.
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