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I have a strong desire to cum inside a mature lady

15th July 2020 - 15:39 | London, Forest Hill

I'm in my mid thirties now and whilst many men around my age might have a strong desire to date women half their age, I do not.

In fact I have pretty much the opposite situation I have a strong desire to have sex with a woman over the age of Forty.

See it's very simple I work in a shop, where many of my colleagues are in their twenties and a lot of customers are also in their twenties and honestly I find women of this age to be incredibly arrogant, rude and selfish.

The foolishness of youth I suppose but when I do get to serve mature women find myself more attracted to them and flirt with them far more obviously, unfortunately the older lady customers seem to think that I am simply being nice or do not think that a man my age would ever be interested in them.

And this is where my desire comes from I want to start a sexual relationship with an older woman, I can not thinking about it, I want to. I need to have sex with a older woman preferably without the restrictions of a condom.

I realise that last part may be deal breaker for many women and I understand that fully but I cannot stop thinking about ejaculating inside of a mature women and I will not be happy until I fulfill this desire at least once.

I DON'T want A mature escort.

I am not bothered if the women is unhappily married or divorced or simply is an older single lady that knows what she wants and is not afraid to purist that, however I am not interested in partaking in sort of cuckolding as I am not interested in this at all.

I need to put this on the internet and I know the reality is that I am unlikely to be contacted by a mature lady seeking a purely sexual relationship at all, let alone on this site but I simply must air this desire in anonymous situation.
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