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Fucked like a slag

10th August 2020 - 23:26 | Kent, Folkestone

So I knew I was down in Kent for 3 days.
Went on to my accounts on the adult sex sites I use...
What a complete waste if time.
Loads of replies and not ONE genuine reply among them.
You guys...why do you join reply and then do nothing lol.....

Moan over because..........

The noise from next door woke me up.
Some woman getting done up her arse, how did I know lol.
I could hear every word.

I got up, got dressed and went down to the foyer.
Pub over the harbour was open but looked very busy with 50 coaches and about 1000 old men and couples getting drunk and very noisy.

Taking my life in my hands I wandered over.
Getting to the bar was an adventure in itself.
My bum was smacked and squeezed about 20 times.
I was horny hot and wanted a fuck.

Looking around I saw an old guy loads of tattoos shirt open fat and ogling every woman in the pub outdoors... it definitely wasn't a garden lol.

Fucking hot isnt it I said to him.
Is this seat taken.
Help ya self darling he said and I sat down.
Where you from
London I said.
Staying there he said pointing at the hotel.
You by yourself darling.
Yes I said just parting my legs a bit and letting him see my creamy thighs.

I finished my drink and he poured some of his into my glass lol.

What is that I said laughing.
He leaned over put his hand on my thigh.
My favourite he said.
It took him about 5 seconds to go from my thigh to my cunt.
I opened my legs and he pushed his fingers into me.
The pub was so busy no one gave me a second glance.

C'mon he said.
I was embarrassed being led onto the beach by a guy old enough to my dad not to say grandfather.
Fat and grabbing my arse.
A few of the other people there looked and smirked.

We got round the corner and it was still busy.
He led me down to the harbour beach.
It's all fucking stones I laughed.
He didn't say anything
He roughly pushed me up against the wall and started fingering me.

Here I said...
He grabbed my hair and pushed me to my knees.
His hand opened his flies.
His rock hard cock sprang out.
I started to suck...salty old cock.
He pushed it down my throat.
Fucking my face.
A couple of guys started to watch.
Fucking hell one of them laughed.
I didn't care.
I wanted them to join us but they kept walking.
He turned me round and pulled up my skirt.
I wanted him inside me.
I had to bend over... fucking beach was all stones.
He got up me but it was impossible to fuck.
I fell over laughing.
He opened my legs and started walking off.
Then he pulled my face into his crouch
He shot his load all over my face
Rubbing it in and over my hair.

My fingers were between my legs strumming but he was up and doing his flies back up.

Then he just wandered back lol.
No thanks no nothing.

Fucked like a slag.....
That happened on my way back to the hotel.
I must have looked exactly like I had just been fucked and had a load shot over me.

How much darling said another guy in his 60s or 70s.
Sorry I answered.
How much he repeated...
Could I ?

Ok he said.

Cum in your mouth he asked.
You can cum anywhere i told him and we went to my room.
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