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Mommy & Sissy Role Play

7th October 2020 - 15:07 | London, Croydon

title caught your eye.
Thank you for dropping by.

I do have some experience of this with an ex-partner, only wished I had done this a lot more when I was younger I enjoy a more sexual, sensual erotic experience than hard domme or mistress.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful mummy who loves dressing me up for her pleasure long sessions of suckling, my head resting in her laps feeding on mummies boobs, she loved
feeding them into my mouth, soon it became common for me to be dressed before I suckled.
lots of oral for mummy with deep deep rimming, I always love cum kisses, dressing me up,
teaching me how to pleasure her, making me open up and explore, teaching me to behave like a
good girl, so I can be her good girl, this, of course, included treating me like a girl referring to me
as if I was a girl, many nights cuddles in bed picking new outfits, lingerie, hehe teaching me the
joys of sucking on a nice dildo by showing me first, and guiding me to follow her" it's ok good
girls need to learn to suck cocks" are you mummies, good girl? we spend much time sharing
dildos, but of course, she said we much call it a "cock" and not a dildo.

Mommy also loved having me give her lots of oral, spending hours and hours kissing licking
sucking on her pussy, sitting on my face or bent over as I licked her asshole out or of course
suckling on her breasts, just laying watching tv I would be in mommies laps sucking.
as she stroked my hard and feed me her breast into my open mouth, or when I came home
mommy would be ready with see me and call me to suckle her, loved when mommy
demanded me to do something. she had very sensitive nipples, she often played with them,
spitting on them and squeezing her nipples and asked I clean up, or as I suckled she would
spit and let it drip down into my mouth. it was very wet and sloppy, giving her breasts a
nice shine, they tasted even better when mummy covered them with her juices or my cum.

as we were in a relationship it was common for me to cum where ever mommy wanted and help her clean up,
which was always followed by kisses.
I learned the joys of sucking licking kissing a "cock" with her, this was usually after she had used it so it was covered in her juices. a few times after it was used on me too. I was plugged regularly sometimes when we went out but, especially at bedtime and dressed, she also enjoyed being plugged she made a point to pick out outfits she wanted me to wear to bed and enjoyed plugging me, teasing me whiles we lay in bed cuddled up by rinning her soft fingers down my back and between my bum cheeks, "o look my sweet girl is plugged" "does it feel good princess being plugged? mmm, I bet it feels so wonderful honey" "you are such a good girl looking so cute in your baby doll, and cute little panties" I, of course, replied, "yes, Mummy" hehehe" I feel so naughty but for you, anything mummy" "it so big and filling me up, don't worry baby girl mummies going to teach you to take even bigger things this is just the start and you will love it, make you into an anal whore. would you like that? to be mummies little anal slut?

soon the full anal training started the plugs got bigger and mummy took her time to stretch me licking, fingering me while we lay in bed as she whispered in my ear, holding me tight into her as she ran her fingers between my cheeks and then cames mummies cock, a nice 7" cock "dildo" mummies strapon when she took her time and slid into me teasing me, pushing it slowly as she held me, inch by inch she slid her cock into me "that's it princess relax mummy needs to fuck you. mummy want your boipussy and boy did she slowly making love to me pulling it out and pushing it back it, it was tight and was painful at first but a few mins i took her cock balls deep. god, mummy your so big I love it. mummy took her time and fucked me, usually ended with lots of precum in my panties, which we of course shared and kisses. mummy pulled out and give my boipussy a good kiss it felt amazing and then we kissed, she let me rest and we went to sleep. I usually slept with mummy cuddling me as she wraps are arms around me and I snuggled into her, or me suckling her breasts or her cock if we had a long session it was with mummies cock deep inside me as she pulled me close to her.

her cock got bigger and bigger, the bigger her cock got the more aggressive she got. the last one was 9" and damn it was big, but note I never was able to take it balls deep. but the best part was mummy loved wearing it to bed under her nighty sometime to tease me she would wear it around the house under her clothes, and rub up against me to tease me. I know mummy was horny for my boi pussy and I would usually stick my bum out so I could feel her bulge, she loved to sometimes wank her cock stroking it, She would look at me and "honey mummy is horny come and play with mummies cock" which I did by wanking mummies cock stroking it, spitting on it, I loved sucking mummies cock taking my time to lick every inch and coming up to kiss mummy, as she would when she sucks my cock. gagging on it, or sitting in mummies laps and kiss, as I feel her cock under her clothes, I loved playing with it rubbing it through her clothes mmm god A couple of times I was horny and mummy was not around so I got ready and waited for mummy to come home, dressed is something cute but sexy, heels stocking, tits, bra, a cute dress, on the bed rubbing my boi pussy playing with it teasing it, as she walked in to see me, letting her watch me. and looking at her "mummy I need to be fucked, I need mummies cock" which she of course obliged with. making sure e to kiss and finger me, these sessions were very intense and started slow but ended with her truly fucking me of course, Only mummy was allowed to play with my cock and loved making me cum from fucking me.
I made the mistake of back chatting once, o boy did I get a spanking mm not to forget I was fucked like a slut, she just took total charge and was sooo rough, chocking me, pushing my legs apart so rough mmm it was nice.,
i believe she had plans for a bigger strapon and plans to do more thing be it never was meant to be.

so this is the extent of my experience
thank you for reading this far I hope you enjoyed it??

sorry, I babble on hehe but you get the pic of what I enjoy so are you her?? are you as kinky as me?

So are you a mummy that enjoys this sort of play? not a domme mummy

I also enjoy and want to please you, so don't feel that you will be just giving pleasure.

so a little about me
male. sissy 43 medium build, 5ft8 tall easy going down to earth, very open-minded,
caring kind, love to pleasure and love to please. a switch but want to be submissive, feminine
I am told I become quite slutty and feminine when dressed.

any age as I feel its more about you playing the caregiving role than the age,
of course, if you are an experienced mummy then even better.
any size, I don't care if you are petite or curvy
any race I have no issue with your race, as I'm more interested in the connection we can make.
ideally from London, but if you are outside of London I may consider depending on your experience.

You may enjoy everything that I have mentioned above or just some of the things or you have
other ideas which I would love to hear.
If you wish to discuss this more please feel free to message back

I seek a genuine female. I am a male. want to be turned into a sissy gurl
just for you.
I seek something regular and long term, meeting as and when we are able to.

I am a switch.

chat soon xxx

Tell how you would have done it differently
Or any suggestions you feel we missed.

If you understand the role play then you will understand this is not about findom or femdom
not into nappies or baby bottles. but love cuddles, hugs, kisses, snuggles.
kiss chat soon Mommy
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