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5th February 2021 - 13:29 | London, East London

I was on my way to university one day and felt really horny as I always do. As a 20 year old virgin who's only method of relieving himself from sexual desire was to masturbate... in public. This became a habitual pattern in my daily life to the point it got really excessive. I would masturbate 4 - 5 times a day and always wanting to do it more. I would do it in the toilets at my university, during the lectures in a dark room (rubbing my cock through my pockets down my thigh and up again repeatedly till I came), and even on pubic transport (admiring the sight of mature corporate women in their skirts, stockings, and dresses, tired from a hard days work).

That's when I realized how much I wanted to lose my virginity. It got the point where I would stare at women's cleavage, and bums for too long. However, one day it really worked for me. I came across a really old GILF who I had known (not personally) for a very long time during my travels to uni. One day she recognized me, the same student in his black trench coat passing by, she had to say something this time round.

'Good morning' she said, in a naughty English accent. I was so turned on at this point, I just wanted to ram my cock in anything. She sat on a bench at a local church, I approached and sat next to her but with quite some distance. I was stroking my cock using my pocket which looked very suspicious but I had done this deliberately as I wanted her to see. She acknowledged 'What are you doing?' At this point I was completely honest 'Im masturbating', she gave an evil laugh and asked if she can help me with it, My heart was pounding, the thought of being very close to a women wanking me off. I took out my cock and she started stroking it, and eventually asked if I wanted to go to her place. I said yes.

In no time, She took me to her room, made me undress and went on to undress herself. A pair of saggy tits with quite a belly, and wrinkly skin. She grabbed my cock and started shoving it into her mouth, sucking! I got rock hard instantly and asked if she can stop as I was close to cumming, 2 minutes hadn't even gone by. She gave a giggle, turned around, laid on her stomach and bent over for me to enter. It was the first vagina I had ever seen in my life, I shoved my face in there instantly, licking her out and rimming her asshole. She was moaning heavily. At this point I couldn't wait, I grabbed my cock and rammed it through her, after a few strokes my hard throbbing cock exploded in her. A hot mess I have created. I was breathless, sweating after my very first sexual dopamine hit. It was the best feeling in the world.

I have been attracted to really old women ever since. In particular English grannies. So here's hoping many GILF's see this ad and respond. Thanks.
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