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I've a good size cock,I enjoy medical examination by females

11th December 2022 - 13:48 | London, London

This fetish started a few years ago.
Btw, I'm a white English married man in my mid 50's with a bigger than average cock.

10 years ago, I was in hospital for a minor operation, I had a cyst in my groin area, it was on the left side of my lower pubic area. It had to be removed by surgery as it was deep under my skin.

After the op and prior to being discharged, a nurse had to redress the wound, because it was a cyst removal, there were no stitches and this hole about the size of a £2 coin had to be packed with lint and then changed daily until it had healed.
There I was, on a hospital bed with the screens pulled around, the nurse was in her mid 30s and quite attractive, she was also very understanding about my embarassing situation, having to lie there with my legs apart while she did her job.
Firstly she had to use her left hand to keep my cock and balls to one side while she removed the previous dressing and was then cleaning the affected area.

Because of my ailment, I hadn't had any sexual contact for over a week and the feeling of her hand on my cock was very nice and very soon I was erect. I apologised that it had a mind of its own and she smiled and said "don't worry, these things often happen"
By now she was actually holding it quite firmly with her hand around it mid shaft as she was trying to keep it out of the way, and my cock was getting even harder by now.

Every now and then, I could feel her hand move as she adjusted her hold on it, then before too long her hand movements became more and more frequent, it crossed my mind that she was enjoying holding my hard cock and was virtually wanking it albeit very slowly. The more I thought about it, the more aroused I became and I focused on my pleasure, she let go of my cock for a moment as she reached for some lint, then her hand returned and as she continued to pack the strips of lint into the wound, she was gently moving her hand up and down my shaft and her palm was brushing against my glans.
Next thing I could feel an orgasm coming and I relaxed and let it happen. I shot my load up her forearm and on to my stomach. She continued as if nothing had happened still holding my cock to one side.
Then with my wound packed, she placed a pad on the packing and said that she needed to clean me up.
With that, she took some wipes and cleaned my spunk from my stomach and then took my cock and gave it a through wiping, I let out a moan as she wiped my glans that was still oozing cum, she simply smiled and said "all done". I just said thank you and that was it.

About an hour later, I was discharged and was on my way home, to my surprise a phone call. It was the nurse, she said that she wanted to make sure I had picked up my meds. I said that I had and thanked her for her concern, but as we ended the call, I regretted not saying that I would like to meet her under different circumstances.
The more I thought about it, I figured that her phone call had been beyond her normal duties and she was hoping that I was going to say something.

For the next few weeks I had to visit my GP everyday and to see the practice nurse to get the dressing changed, I wasn't wanked off on these occasions but found that being exposed in front of female medical professionals was something that aroused me and became at least semi erect each time.

I was told by my GP's receptionist that at weekends that a nurse would visit me at home, I was by now very much looking forward to this and that Saturday, when the nurse arrived, she was a very attractive busty woman in her 40s and I was already aroused by the fact that yet another woman would be seeing my cock and balls and would hopefully be handling my cock.
My wife had gone upstairs to give me privacy.
I was ready for the nurse in only my dressing gown, as she entered my living room, I asked if it was okay if I just sat on the sofa while she did her job.

I opened my dressing gown and sat with my legs apart, the nurse just knelt before me and again, I felt a hand move my cock to one side which was already semi erect, no chance of a wank this time but the thought of it and her gentle hand made my cock stand up, I pretended to be embarassed but I was enjoying showing off my good erection while she remained professional doing her job.
As she left, she told me that she would have a trainee nurse with her the next day's visit
I was very much looking forward to having two women looking at my cock and it was even more of a turn on.

Since then I find any excuse I can to be examined in that area and that has been quite often. I even take a viagra beforehand to ensure an erection at the slightest touch and so far I've found that many female medical professionals will touch my erect or semi erect cock more than they probably need to but while retaining a certain professional detachment.
I'm pretty sure that these medical women often enjoy seeing and touching different cocks and an ex gf who was a nurse admitted that they do talk about their patients cocks among their collegues.
They're only human after all !

True story and I hope you enjoyed reading. However. I doubt I will ever be wanked off by a nurse in a hospital ever again. That situation was unique.
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