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Magic fingers: making them squirt.

15th December 2020 - 18:32 | London, London

29 year old guy here.

Over the years I've made quite a few women orgasm/'come', usually from sex (with them stimulating their clitoris) or from oral sex, but there were three who I made actually squirt, and it was one of the best experiences ever!

The first was a girl I saw seeing from Tinder. We never actually had sex, but fingered a lot. When she squirted, it was a lot and it went everywhere. I'd never done it before and couldn't believe it! I didn't see her very many times, but she was very vocal (poor housemates!). The second was a girl I was dating, also from Tinder— she knew she could squirt and it was often so much that it would ruin the bedsheets! The third was another girl I dated a few years later— she'd never squirted before and I was her first. The first time I got her to squirt, I did it 10+ times that evening, over and over. We definitely had to lay down towels from that point onwards, of flip the bed if we couldn't be bothered.

I think the most interesting things about squirting is how warm the liquid is and how audible it is. You can literally hear it rush from a pussy with a hissing noise, and watching it pulse out in spurts is really hot. It tastes pretty good too :)

I have some pretty good techniques; I'd love to share but every magician needs to have his secrets :)
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