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A Memoir of a Black Cub.

18th June 2021 - 2:47 | London, Wembley

A few years back, I had a sexy, older, powerful, successful white cougar for a play-partner.

Anyone who has used a fetish/dating site, knows that they are full of time-wasters, chancers, fantasists and braggarts, and yet after doing a post in a group, she responded, genuinely interested. We got talking for a few weeks before meeting up. I was 27— she was 43, worked in the city and was very kinky, loving being dominated, spanked, probed, prodded and denied. We never spoke much about what she did, but from what she said, it was clear she was on a six figure salary (or close to it). At that point I had slept with around seven women, so had experience, but not as much as her kink-wise. On our first date, we went to a pub and after a short while, began making out outside. Back at her place, she put on some music and let me blindfold her. Her body was insane: largest, roundest arse with slim waist and lovely breasts with massive nipples. I didn't bring a condom (as I thought it would just be drinks!) but she let me dominate her; spanking, pulling, denying her orgasms and plugging her arse. She loved calling me daddy, and loved waiting for my hand to slap her pert ass, waiting blindfolded, unknowing. Although she loved being dominated, she didn't like being degraded, so although I had carte blanche, there was a mutual respect, with safe words, tension and passion too. She sent me home from her fancy flat near Camden to East London in an Uber and I grinned from ear to ear.

We met up around five more times over the course of seven months, each time sent home in an Uber from West to East London. The next time (and all the others) I fucked her brains out, making her pussy squirt over and over, eating it for hours. We sometimes went to fancy bars for drinks, or pubs on little 'dates'— I liked that she liked being out with me in public and it wasn't just sex, and I liked being seen with her too; she was very beautiful and fashionable. I used to love making her wait blindfolded for me to begin; watching her juicy shaved pussy leak in anticipation was just something special. She loved how much stronger and larger I was than her, 'crushing her pussy' as she put it. I loved licking her feet (they always smelled so good, like sweet leather), her pussy and her arse of course too, which she let me fuck once and loved it (I left it nice, sticky and dilated). She even once pissed with the door open, letting me watch, because she knew it turned me on so much. On my birthday she gave me a pair of used underwear for my present, and ordered us sushi, while we spooned on the sofa.

She kinda fell off the radar a few years back and we said our goodbyes, but I have such fond memories of what we had. I doubt I'll get an experience like that again, but I'm hopeful. Sometimes the best dynamics happen by complete chance, or when you least expect it. Even though I have had a few lovers since her, she was very special to me and I have great memories of my sexy, middle-class, high-flying cougar.

Me: 30 y/o, black, 6ft2, 7.5inches & thick, large hands, average build, great smile, shaved head...
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