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Civilised, safe, INTENSELY erotic encounter

4th December 2022 - 17:21 | Dorset, Poole

Hi, I'm Dominic, 61, Poole, Dorset. In 1998 in London, I happened to meet, through work, an attractive, petite, early fifties woman (I was late thirties, single after being dumped by a fiancee) who suddenly, after a work project, expressed the desire to visit me at home. She was more than a little furtive, which made it apparent that she possibly had something HOT in mind and as I showed her out I became RAPIDLY erect. We arranged to meet at mine the next Sunday at 2pm. I spent the morning carefully grooming and dressed in tiny black briefs, tight tracksuit bottoms and black tee shirt; comfortable, informal and showing me off a little without being downright suggestive, finished off with a tiny dab of cologne. She arrived on time, obviously with something on her mind and we had a perfectly innocent chat and glass of wine, designed to make both of us relax. Suddenly, out of the blue she expressed the desire to see me buck naked, revealing that this had been on her mind from our first meeting a few months back, and that she had been unable to get the thought of asking me out of her mind. I carefully enquired how she would like this to happen and she said that I was to strip to pants and lie on my bed. She would then lie next to me and explore me in a tactile and oral manner. She asked if I would do this in an unnervingly serious manner and, astonished, I heard my voice enthusiastically consenting to the proposed activity. She took my glass and, grinning from ear to ear, asked me to lead the way. 3 minutes later I removed everything but briefs and lay down, with an EXTREMELY obvious, sizeable erection stretching the thin nylon of my briefs. She lay next to me and started exploring, complimenting me immediately at the sight of my bulge, which put me at ease, and noted that I seemed to have been prepared for something to happen, at which I chuckled and said that I had VERY lived in hope, having enjoyed her company from minute one of day one. One feels VERY self conscious when almost naked and VERY aroused in front of someone known principally for work, rather than pleasure! She casually reached across and gently stroked my erect penis through my briefs, as if this happened every day, and I accepted it as quite normal. Polite conversation ensued, pausing only to ask if she could remove my briefs. As she did this she produced an appreciative and enthusiastic Oooooh! Crikey! as I sprang out. To be totally naked and VERY erect (just over 7 inchesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€) in this situation was VERY LOVELY, and we chatted surprisingly normally and in a relaxed manner as she fondled, kissed and sucked (not massively, just a short dip occasionally; the ONLY time that someone with whom I worked has performed fellatio upon me!). This session lasted fifty minutes and didn't involve me cumming (she often asked if I'd like to but usually I declined; about every other session she insisted! Being VERY slowly wanked to a POWERFUL SPURT by a middle aged woman with whom you have to work the next day in the presence of others is surreal but BLOODY LOVELY!).
Afterwards, we had a brew and she asked if I had enjoyed it. I replied that I had loved every single second of it, and she asked if it could happen again. I told her that it could, whenever she wanted, and so it happened monthly for about four and a half years; always meeting at 2pm on a Sunday, after receiving a telephone call from her at eleven to ask if she could come (I NEVER said no). We never went any further and she never removed any of her clothes (I think she had a partner though I never asked and she never discussed). The only further naughtiness was a lingering french kiss (with my hand caressing her bottom) before she left. We occasionally met in the workplace, offices of one borough, and such work meetings never presented a problem. We never discussed our meetings outside my front door; nor did we ever meet anywhere other than work or my house. It was fascinating to conduct a work meeting with, among others, this woman.
The last session was twenty years ago, and I miss these sessions terribly. I would LOVE to see someone again in this way. Absolutely any age from about 23 upwards, single or in open relationship, wanting something ULTRA HORNY and very civilised and safe to happen with a polite, respectful, stark bollock naked and VERY, VERY AROUSED chap. You can be any race, any background; what happens will be TOTALLY confidential for ever. If you are someone who sees me in Poole daily, if you would like to try this, please make contact with the guarantee of confidentiality. Even if you work in a local supermarket you can come along in confidence and enjoy safe activity in complete confidence.
If this sounds like it might be interesting and fun for you, do please come and talk, with, of course, absolutely no obligation. I can accommodate comfortably. To be clear, the outcome of the activity does not EVER have to entail ejaculation (unless YOU want that).
Normal friendship possible too, though I am quite happy if no other contact is desired (your privacy will ALWAYS be the number one priority). Obviously no obligation at any stage. Exciting, safe and a VERY long way from ordinary... To be clear, you are not expected to undress at all, but IF you want to you can; for example, you might like to try this with breasts out, and allowing myself to lick your nipples (a DELIGHT to thus proposition an unknown female reader!)... If you have further aims, please feel free to ask... The activity can be undertaken as a preamble to things going further at a second or third meeting should YOU wish; a sort of look see and discussion of wishes... A session can be arranged as a one off, if desired; equally, I should think that if two females (or even a mf couple, if one was interested) wished to come together, that'd be cool.
Please email me if interested! COULD be the start of a mutually enjoyable and VERY horny friendship... Part of the HUGE excitement was meeting a person who looked unremarkable, and certainly NOT a person who would suggest anything naughty (or so I thought). DO make contact if in the slightest interested, or curious. Confidentiality and safety assured. Strange I grant you but VERY interesting, confidential, VERY EXCITING friendship!
07398 945696 text first: First consideration is safety and confidentiality, second, delightful pleasure for both of us possibly regularly...
Safe, exciting friendship and FUN! 😊
With NO expectation AT ALL that it goes further, though if YOU want it can (at a second meeting). Come along and see what I've got and have a gentle, no obligation play! 😁


As I say, if I shop in your shop and you want to try this, please do, knowing that I will be COMPLETELY discreet (it wouldn't be the first time that I'd interacted in this manner with a shop worker: a DELIGHT to gently shop, smiling and saying hi to the worker with whom something HOT happened a few hours previously!) Text me! Talking meeting first to plan etc such that you don't get any unpleasant surprises.
Initial talking meetings have no obligation at all, obviously. The activity, once started, can INSTANTLY be stopped if it doesn't live up to expectations, with a pre agreed SAFE WORD.

An initial meeting can happen at a café with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION, so come and have a coffee and ordinary chat and decide whether or not you wish to see more of me! In a nutshell, VERY racy and also very, VERY civilised.
Absolutely SAFE. Bloody good FUN for both participants. Possibly regularly. No pressure to go further, but if YOU want, IT CAN at a second session. If a husband or partner wished, with the wife's agreement, to send a wife, I would be amenable to that...

Email or text in first instance for confidential entertainment. If you have alternative ideas for personal entertainment, feel free to run them by me! If I can help in safety, I will!

Dominic πŸ˜„
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