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Are you interested in community support volunteering?

19th August 2021 - 13:10 | London, Nine Elms

The COVID pandemic has not only cost lives, but has destroyed communities and left millions of people struggling. People have lost businesses, jobs, relationships, homes and there's many different people who are currently trying to rebuild their lives or who are isolated, lonely and without friends. This is by way of some context.

Welcome to Qultura.

Qultura is about mysticism and the development of consciousness through community and the development of new culture.

It is a derivative of Buddhism and achieves the same things as Buddhism, but is much simpler. All Buddhism is based on the premise that suffering comes out of our desires and physical attachments, which you overcome by embracing the Four Noble Truths and following the Eightfold Path. Buddhism is based on meditation, expanding your mind and achieving enlightenment to resolve your karma.

Qultura is completely different.

Qultura is based on the premise that trauma and suffering comes from division and perception of division. Examples include childbirth, divorce, war, emotional loss, pain, and death.

Qultura methodology is based on the assumption that you are already enlightened as much as you can ever be in the present moment, but you may not be living in completely harmony with your environment and a community, and until you are living in harmony with your environment and community your life will not flow and you will experience conflict and division. Your suffering comes from these divisions, not your desires.

Therefore Qultura is all about relationship. But so too is life and existence.

Unlike Buddhism where you follow a method, with Qultura you have to create your own method and philosophy from your experiences of relationships with other people, a community and environment. There is no belief system or ideology involved in Qultura, because Qultura is all about exploring, experimenting, learning about people, life and getting to the truth.

Qultura is based on four universal (mystical) principles, polar thinking (based on the I-Ching), karma and unmind. You get free access to these mystical resources on a website and various books, and you also get free access to a community through a community Message Board. Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge for everyone.

So now we come to the point of this listing, which is development of the Qultura community. This is where we are seeking community volunteers and activists who can get involved and help develop the community.

Development of the Qultura community is based on direct community action and participation, because this is how you develop a Qultura method, this is how you develop social relationships with other people, this is how you develop community and this is how you achieve change.

Much of what the Qultura community is all about is creating opportunities to liberate people from their trauma and suffering and being part of an open-minded, non-judgmental and supportive community which other individual people can turn to to make changes in their lives. They come through the message board but we are also developing a real time community in community space in Nine Elms.

We are developing several community projects to form the basis of the community based on various community needs and interests:

- a community support project
- a community blog
- a performing arts community
- community libraries
- a community project for sharing, lending and borrowing stuff
- a human library project for people to meet and get to know other people in the community

What we're looking for are people who can fill the following roles:

- community message board moderators
- community support volunteers
- community project development
- people to develop community resources (community space, financial resources, etc)
- community activists to promote the community through social media
- community activists to promote the community through attending events and handing out flyers

If you're interested and looking to get involved you will need to:

- have access to the internet (currently most of the volunteering and activism takes place online)
- be open-minded, non-judgmental, friendly and prepared to participate and come up with your own ideas (please don't be a conformist and someone who needs to be constantly told what to do)
- be prepared to do a certain amount of reading (to properly learn what Qultura is all about)
- be prepared to register on a community message board and participate in community message board discussions

You get involved and volunteer as and when you want because everything starts from what is discussed on the community Message Board. We also use email, Whatsapp, Slack and Zoom.

You also figure out how you want to volunteer based on your experience, interests, aptitude and skills and what you enjoy doing. This is not like volunteering for an organization or say in a charity shop where you have set hours and a job description. There is no job description. Volunteering is not supposed to be like unpaid work.

If you're interested please send us a message for more information.
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