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Do you secretly wish for a red bottom?

19th May 2022 - 19:45 | Dorset, Poole | Age 61

Hello and thank you for reading my rather naughty advert. I am Dominic, a 61 year old guy in Poole, Dorset who is very slightly dom, in that I like to gently spank naughty women. I would like to meet local female or females who would LIKE to receive an occasional, GENTLE bare bottom spanking (I REALLY mean gentle: FUN, NOT pain; ok, you'll wriggle just a tiny bit and your bottom will be a little redder than it was before your visit! If someone sent you, they'll have proof that you've been attended to). I am an experienced chap who does NOT seek to hurt: I seek to turn you VERY ON! You need have no experience of this kink: you need only to be interested (perhaps you have been secretly interested for YEARS, but the domineering boss or uncle (or aunt) who threatened tantalisingly often to bare your bottom never did, or moved away, or died, leaving you barely spanked or not at all spanked and a bit frustrated, as many who approach me are). SLOW start; talking and caressing etc. You are aged 21 upwards (YES! forty or fifty something is absolutely ideal, and fuller figures welcome) and local to Poole. Talking meetings would happen prior to any physicality and, of course, you will be able to stop at any point. The activity would start very gently indeed and not get much less gentle. I am a civilised, educated individual who is courteous and confidential. I am committed to providing you with a hugely ENJOYABLE and EXCITING experience, such that you come back each and every time that you have been NAUGHTY! Of course, if you seek something else and NOT a spanking, you may also make contact! 😁
The first step is to send me a short email, which may lead to a short meeting in a public place in Poole: A café; just to say hi, not to discuss anything: Discussion will happen in private at a second meeting.
I'm 100% genuine. If you meet me, activity undertaken by us will be confidential (you can talk to friend etc but I won't talk to anyone).
If you see me in Poole and wish to approach and talk, please do...
My aim? FUN, physical friendship, with or without a glowing bottom!
Well, email me then! You can walk away after a chat and at ANY point you can say NO! Fun friendship with a tiny kink. If an 'aunt' or, indeed, 'uncle' has an errant 'niece', s/he is welcome to contact. One manner in which things can start is for the blushing female to be fitted with a collar and lead almost immediately: Slightly nerve wracking I grant you but INTERESTING and not compulsory! (NOTHING AT ALL is compulsory except SAFETY AND COURTESY). First talking meeting wearing a collar, on a lead? Oooooh! Perhaps followed by a second meeting, after which you will be walking around a supermarket, grinning, VERY aware of your slightly stinging, HOT BOTTOM! Mmmmmmmm! (you'll LOVE the etrangesse of that situation!)
Gonna email or text? Why?
Because you'll have ENORMOUS FUN!



SAFE FUN: NOT pain, fear or control. My aim is that you VERY MUCH ENJOY what happens. 😎
Should you require to be comforted after your spanking then you will be; at length. 😍😍😍
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