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A Closet Crossdressers Confession

23rd February 2022 - 11:37 | Aberdeen, Perth, Scotland

Hi, I'm Kasiah. I'm a closet crossdresser who, during lockdown, when very few people were out & about, I was enjoying the thrill of going out at night, alone under darkness, wearing my high heeled stilettos, fishnet stockings, micro mini dress with a tight skimpy thong underneath it, which holds my tucked cock securely in place, & wearing my cute short blonde tomboy styled wig.
I find it so arousing that by the time I reach the secluded area where I walk towards, 10 minutes from my home, I can't help but pull my throbbing tucked cock out of its tight thong to pull the head off it until I cum & spunk out with a leg trembling orgasm, in to the darkness with the cold night breeze enhancing my orgasm as its blows tantalisingly across my bared bum cheeks, cock & balls.
One Friday evening, around 2230hrs a few weeks ago, I was extremely horny & out for my regular thrill. I removed my panties & dropped them too the ground, stood with my legs spread wide apart, the cold breeze blowing gently up between my ass as I pulled my cheeks widely apart with my left hand, while my right hand grabbed my erect cock & began to vigorously masturbate it to completion, as you do. As I was reaching an epic orgasm, I became aware of a tall dark figure walking out from the darkness towards me & my heart nearly exploded with fear in terror! It was a male, in his late 20s who immediately told me to relax & not to panic & to continue doing what I was doing. He was slim, clean shaven, well presented & looked modestly handsome. With hesitation, I asked who he was while my hand covered my fully erect seepiing cock & he replied "beautiful"! He squatted down in front of me & took my cock in to his mouth while his thumb & fore finger wrapped firmly around my balls, squeezing them & pulling them downwards repeatedly, as if he was milking a cow. I just stood there, my legs spread wide apart with my cock in his mouth, his fingers cupping my smooth, shaved balls while his other hand slide between my thighs to rub against my ass , his middle finger seeking out my anus to probe. I instinctively reach around to pull my bum cheeks wide apart as hard as I could, using both my hands, before his finger found my hole & began massaging it. He then pushed his finger all the way up in to wanton anus, making my arsehole contract & tighten its grip on his probing finger. At that moment I felt like I was in heaven, outside on public display, dressed like a red hot hooker, helpless & getting sucked off by a complete stranger with his finger penetrating my arsehole. I felt like the total CD whore I longed to be & within minutes my cock exploded, filling his mouth with my spunk as my legs all but buckled & gave way underneath me while my anus pulsated strongly around his inserted finger, gripping it to the extreme, not ever wanting to let it go. A moment later he stood up, looked me directly in my eyes & said thank you sexy! I kissed him on the lips & as he turned around to walk away, I said wait...I picked my thong up off the ground, wrote my name & number on it & slid it seductively in to his front trouser pocket, my fingers grazing against his erect cock, through the thin pocket lining material, before asking him to call me. Since then we have met 2 or 3 times each week, late at night, to wank & suck each other off & I must admit that, even although I do not consider myself to be gay, I now know I am definitely bisexual! I've never met any female who knows how to excite me & get me off with such delight.
He has now asked for me to submit my ass to him as wants to have anal sex with me. I have agreed to his request to fuk my asshole but only if he promises to wearing a rubber, as I just adore anal fun in every respect!
More to follow once things happen...
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