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A night at the pub with gay friend

23rd May 2022 - 2:38 | Dorset, Bouenemouth

Ide just split up with my girlfriend and was in the pub on a hot Saturday night it was close to closing time I went in to the beer garden I sat down and spoke to Nick a gay friend I known for a few years he asked how I was managing being single as he knew we had a good sex life I said I was missing her body he said he could help me with that I laughed and he squeezed me through my shorts I had a instant erection and as most of the garden lights had gone out had my shorts down he gave me a slow wank then bent over and took my cock in his mouth it felt so so good not being touched for over two weeks my arse being held tight and a mouth working on my cock it felt wrong but to good to refuse he alternated between his mouth and slowly wanking me and had me on the edge for over
40 minutes as a couple stoped and took a quick look as they left the pub and i nearly came he stopped slaped my bottom hard twice and started sucking me again and ide never felt so good I was about to explode in his mouth when he again stopped and started spanking me I don't know what I wanted most to cum in his mouth have him wank me off or bend over and have him spank me he sucked me again then slowly wanked my cock speeding up then slowing down , he had full control of me and when he knew I couldn't wait any longer he gave me one of the best climaxes I have ever had in my life i came like ide never cum before pumping a endless amount of spunk everywhere he let go and said wow you needed that. he then bent me over a pub table spanking each cheek in turn but It felt so horny as he continued to spank me, his hand had my cock hard again I looked round and saw him pulling his shorts down as a nice firm erection sprang out, he rubed lube over his hard cock held it against my arse hole and easily slid it in as he held my hips the same way I did doggie with women he said ive wanted to have my cock up you for years and now I've got you bareback as he was rideing me I saw sevreal flashes go off and a woman voice said ive been sat on a bench watching you for over half an hour ( as Nick carried on rideing me) and used my phone camera ive herd you talking and it's nice you got your friend bareback after so long, I've really enjoyed watching you both and nearly came when he did you were quire vocal as we saw her she was adjusting her skirt and threw her nickers at us saying incase you have no wipes I said it's my first time ide love you stay and watch she sat down five feet away while Nick put on a show sliding his cock all the way in and out for our guest. The bugger carried on fucking me relentlessly as she got closer to Cummin she saw him with one hand wanking my cock and his outher holding my hips as she watched and herd me cum , we herd her doing the same, Nick said he was gonna pump his spunk up me and sped up and in a minute spunked up my well and truly fucked arse , we all dressed and walked to the car park and went to our home's(it was to much to process and explain)I was in heave ive never had sex like it in my life , the next weekend Nick took me to the new forest to a small opening he knew a large tree had fallen to the floor and it was over that he spanked and took a small leather strap to my arse before haveing me bareback again over 3 hours ., I've not seen him for years but as I sit next to my 18year old daughter writing this with a semi hard dripping cock and the wife has walked in she shows her mum a new black suspender belt and black stockings she will have on with her 5inch stilettos when is out getting her boyfriends cock I will need to give the wife a good fucking and Nick texted to say he back in Bournemouth next week, he's the only cock I've had and ide rather have his up me than ride the wife all night sorry Jackie but being spanked and fucked bareback is the best sex I've had in my life.
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