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Dating a young gf... fucking her sex mad granny instead

24th June 2022 - 2:51 | Brighton, Sussex

Family sex, to a point, as always turned me on. As has being with older women in different situations... I'm a Scorpio man and love sex.

One experience which goes down as the best and most sordid involved bedding an ex gfs sex obsessed granny a lot older than me.

When I was 29, I worked in security for a private firm, but it was here that I met and started dating a young girl of about 22. I kind of organised this mainly because of the family's connections to the sex industry and the things I had heard made me want to find out more... I was a hit with those around us and I soon started a fairly good sex relationship with this girl.

Not long after I started with this young lady and went through the early stages of keeping her happy . We had only been dating a month before i had heard from other uniformed mates on the Job about the sleazy sex reputation of my gfs granny had. My gf herself told me she worked in porn and as an escort.. My knowledge of her intensified once my mates and colleagues found out who i was dating. I was also told to watch my back with my gfs granny, who at that time, i hadn't met. But she loved sex.

Through my gf, i had moved onto working as a bouncer in the sex club run by my gfs family. It came to me very quickly after the first day I met this older relation of my new girlfriend. This bbw of a lady turned up with her hubby in my gfs flat while I had been in bed doing my gf, but we were Interrupted. for one I was only wearing my tight white shorts I had time to pull on... before I confronted them. I was still hard in my shorts sweating from our sex when the three of us laid eyes on each other. Naked other than my white shorts, her granny couldn't stop checking me out.... and told me immediately I was a 'real hot man' and how lucky my gf was.

Almost then I was offered a job as a bouncer in their club.

I forgot i still had on my white shorts as my gf and her granny went off to talk, while I sat with my granny's husband, He did not hesitate to tell me about his wife's obsession with men and sex and apologised for her forward behaviour. . I was still hard in my pants and as we talked I covered up my bulging crotch with a cushion.

The husband too was very forward and I found myself discreetly asking questions about what I had heard about his wife... . In turn he joked and warned me about dressing in my shorts only in front of his dirty wife. He madecit plain she would try to seduce me. For the next hour, I was the only man still almost naked on the sofa except for my tight shorts, and everytime my gf left the room, the bulge in my pants increased in front of this granny and her husband. This woman was full on and her eyes were all over me.

Her husband, also her manager/agent very quickly made it known his wife would try it on with me. Given some experience I had already gleaned with older women The stories he told me left me decidedly horny... as I had just joined their club on security it started to dawn on me why I and the other sexy men were hired to patrol the club.

She was constantly assessing men for sex potential in front of the camera or that she loved being fucked by the security men in her club. Her husband wasted no time in telling me I was his wifes type. That, plus finding out that two other of my gfs ex boyfriends had ended up fucking this granny, got my interest.

Later that night my gf took me into the bedroom again and we fucked... hard!... I was horny for sure but my mind was elsewhere. The old lady's hubby, my boss in the club, had texted me once my gf was asleep and he and I in the living room talked about nothing about sex. That night I found her movies online and they were so damn sleazy and bizarre. Really hot muscled men in their 20s fucking this granny. I told her hubby I was impressed that this old lady overweight porn granny in her 70s was getting pumped all the time by these men . He replied by simply saying ' she loves Big cock'

I also got told that many of my muscled married mates in the club had fucked her routinely at several parties after the clubs closed. It became apparent that my relationship with my gf meant very little to her granny and her hubby. And the more I gotten in with this hubby of this filthy granny, the more he and I hit it off... the hubby and I formed an alliance. He also made sure I saw his wife fucked by my married security colleagues and he constantly peppered me with filthy pictures of his wife on my phone.

Her visits to my gfs flat increased and at first my gf was always there . Then soon after not only did I make sure i was the only one home, but that I was either in my shorts or with a towel wrapped around me. I had only been fucking her grand daughter for two months when she visited me again. This time i was in my uniform to go to the club but the lower part of my tight club uniform got very uncomfortable while i talked with this insatiable filthy old lady. Very quickly I told her I'd seen her movies , had quizzed about her being fucked by other younger men, her hubby's sexual conversations with me, plus her seduction of two of my gfs ex boyfriends. These conversations made me late for the club but the boss didn't mind... during the night-shift where so much sex was going on , i kept looking at the filthy pictures or this granny. This time I replied with my own sexy shots of me. , shirt open, tie loose, trousers open.... I went up to the hubby at end of the night. He had forwarded them on.

Thankfully my gf had gone home early which I was fucking glad about and things were going a little style between us. . By then she may have had an inlking that her granny fancied me, but didn't say much... i had stopped paying attention to her as I had other ideas in mind. While talking after hours with my boss and chilling out, all we talked about was sex. Unlike my gf, her granny loved men raw and deep up inside her bareback. . I was hoping this would be true as that was a massive turn on for me in my shorts. Then I really wanted to fuck his wife it further turned me on another uniformed guy had been fucking her in the club. I hadn't seen her all night and I asked him to text her to get her ready.....

Turned out she was in a dark room on the top floor. I don't know how many men had fucked her but I didnt care about that. My married mate came out, tightened his uniform, winked at me and walked off... her hubby opened the door to the very small dark sex room, turned off the lights and i walked in. Straight away her hands were all over my bod ripping my clothes open. Straight away my hands grabbed her tits so I could get-together grips with em. She grabbed my bulging package and unzipped me. My fingers were right down there opening up her pussy from day one that's what I had wanted. Fuck she was so damn open and loose.and she moaned as i got four of my fingers up there and worked her open. Straight away she was on her back on the mattress as she opened my belt and zipper... with no words spoken I got on top of her, she ripped open my pants and within less than a minute, my big thick 10" dick went straight to work up her.

Unlike my gf this woman was loose, fleshy and fully open to take every part of my weapon. I loved not knowing how many men had fucked her... and all I wanted was to cum up inside her.....

I could go on for hours about her, but from then on things moved quickly. I was asked to move in with the both and for 6 months we did not stop having sex. Very quickly my gf caught us fucking in bed and I ended things with her before the cuckholding relationship began between the three of us.

Even now, while things have changed between us, I have done the dirty on so many other girls i have since dated, to fuck this old womans used hole wherever possible. The attraction remains the same. She loves to be fucked by well hung thick men in uniform, and to this day remains the one woman who can take my tool perfectly everytime. ..

Someone find me another old lady like this.
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