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A horny ecclesiastical encounter

21st January 2023 - 19:02 | Dorset, Poole

Many years ago I was a member of a church in East London. Said church had a strong musical tradition involving Mozart, Palestrina, Byrd and the like. After one high church bells'n'smells gig in July 1993, there was a small gathering in the clergy house involving the choir, organist and others including myself. The event was relaxed and convivial, involving nibbles and gin and tonic. After about an hour, one choral soprano approached me and started chatting. She was almost exactly ten years my senior (I was 32); an outwardly prim and proper lady, though still obviously trying her luck with unattached or even attached guys. Being slightly drunk I set out to SHOCK her and leant forward and kissed her on the lips twice, and to my surprise her eyes closed, her mouth opened and her lithe tongue snaked into my mouth. Shocked, I returned the kiss which escalated quickly and I became EXTREMELY aroused, and prodded her gently bang on target with my large erection. In the instant of contact her eyes opened WIDE in surprise and shock, but she didn't back off: She smiled, indicated that I was full of surprises
and the encounter continued. A few minutes later the priest returned and we stopped quickly. After the function I lay down to nap but was still WAY too aroused even to lie quietly. I got up and went for a long walk in Greenwich Park to burn away my lust, mindful of the probability that the soprano had expertly persuaded her husband to attend to her vigorously. I never got the opportunity to speak to the soprano again; I am sure that if I tracked her down now she'd be furious, so I won't. However, if she happens to have my confession brought to her attention and wishes to contact, then she's welcome to do so in complete confidence.
The church was Anglo Catholic; the birthplace of this movement. I was, for about three years, a tenant in the clergy house. I don't suppose that anyone from those times nearly thirty years ago reads smutty confessions like this (but then again they might, especially if they are receptive to advances made...!!). If anybody wants contact, then please email or text me in the first instance. These days I live on the south coast. These days I am NOT a churchgoer or even a Christian nor EVER will be again, largely due to the church's inability or unwillingness (if unwilling, WHY unwilling?) to address and stamp out abuse. The silly little priest is DEAD; in a hole in a grim northern churchyard, rather than a magical kingdom! If you are in the know, simply email the name of the church to kick off...
If you aren't in the know but nonetheless wish to make contact, please, PLEASE do! If you are female, in Dorset and would enjoy the prospect of an occasional encounter that does not at all have to involve going all the way but may still be just a little steamy, email me! I'm civilised, respectful and safe. If you would prefer to text, 07398 945696.
If you text and don't get an answer, please try again. I am safe, respectful and discreet and live alone near Poole. You don't have to sing in a choir: It'd help if you felt a little.... HORNY and possibly neglected... Such that you desire company (with a seven
inch plus erection) occasionally! 😁 Possibly more than company... Contact me! I am civilised and safe. I can accommodate comfortably. You will be treated with respect and courtesy and a great deal of fun will be had, such that you are immediately planning to come and see me again (I hope!). You are local to Poole, Dorset and aged at least 25.

The last three digits of the advert number happen to be a London area code for the locale where this encounter happened: what are the chances of that happening? 😂

07398 945696 go on! While you feel adventurous! 😏. You are unlikely to regret making contact, and MAY end up in a thoroughly beneficial and valued friendship!

This encounter is probably the MOST erotic thing ever to happen to me: CERTAINLY the most unexpected! I now have a couple more experiences of rather prim ladies becoming aware of the presence of an erect penis, in circumstances under which they could do as they wished! Prim is glorious camouflage; so VERY pleasant when an outwardly prim lady shows her hand and DEMANDS action!!


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