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27th August 2022 - 11:53 | London, London | Age 37


are you needy, and even get high on being needy, calling me and challenging yourself to see how many seconds you can wait before you call me just to say hi.
You are addicted and and like to shout at me after 5 ins because you miss me and wonder if i can remember your intensity

you want to burn into my mind that i remember your intensity so you even follow me and stalk me and i know you are doing this and can see you behind me where i walk but i pretend i dont see you, then when a girl walks past you wonder if she knows me and if we are tricking you, but if i dont look, you wonder if i am gay and why didnt look. like what the heck !

but the more you think of me and the more intense you get the more i show you this is normal and the more happier and wetter you stay.

you never thought it was possible to be set free and be happy and possessive and that a guy would actually like that. you were taught the opposite to repress yourself and to be silent and keep feelings inside.

with me if you are not crazy and convince yourself its ok to be and no matter what lie you believe that you tell yourself, you know one thing, the hugs, the intensity and obervation and connection we have is very hot.

when we go to parties and very rich men or very upset women see us, they wish they could have this, that we are always in the zone and connected.

but with you on top of me 274, i can then relax and start to focus on making alot of money and you dont even care.
you dont even care if you dress up and i look homeless in fact people accept us more.

maybe you are in your 30s, or 40;s and remember a time you were like this. maybe you are in your 20s now and dont care about social media or anything just your own mind and keep it free.

I am 37, exotic, tall bearded, and with a stocky athletic build, i am single and had good jobs but it didnt last because i had no body in my corner.

i do have a list of things you should be able to do other that the above. These are :-

Dress nice when we go out with make up and be the centre of attention but you ignore everyone
Twerk - this is a deal breaker if you cant twerk
Be able to think outside of your own brain
Have weird thoughts, and give these all to me- but dont be scared if i can feel the same feelings you have
You will feel like you are in charge but it feels so right because we are both in charge
You listen to me not just verbally but emotionally and just by looking at me

you do the thing women fear- you give me every thought, emotion, secret and every part of your self and yet still give me more because you know its betrayal if you forget details so you do it deeply.

when we make love you cant keep track of time, it like we are on another world or spiritual plane. You make it like it the first time we met everytime.
We make love over and over and you even try to make me cum just by words. all you think about is lust and my mind and us and the future and being free and high and wet on this

you can even make yourself cum just by thinking about me and with out touching yourself.

why am i posting this ad?
I found a add i made over 10 yrs ago and remembered who i am. thats why i am still single.
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