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The beauty of uriantion.

21st September 2022 - 8:55 | London, London

Slightly unusual, depending on how kinky you are I guess, but I absolutely love the sight of a woman urinating and think it's one of the most beautiful and arousing sights possible. Everything from the sound, to the sight of liquid rushing through lips— in the street or in nature, surrounded by grass, fields and trees— what could be more natural?

Some of my favourite voyeuristic experiences:

1) I was walking around Silvertown area (near the railway before it was redeveloped) on a reckie trip with a model who I was to be working with on a photoshoot in the coming weeks. She said she needed to pee, so we stopped and she only walked a few metres away from me, still in my view, dropped her knickers and pissed right there and then.

2) A few years back, when I was living abroad, I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when passing a private car park, something caught my eye. I slowly walked backwards, and sure enough, there was a woman, in a pair of jeans, in broad daylight squatting, her legs parted while she pissed, thinking she couldn't be seen. She didn't see me and I lingered a bit, before walking on.

3) A couple years ago, I had an older, kinky, FWB (who I'd met via Fetlife) who, knowing I liked her pussy unwashed after yoga, would also let me watch her piss on the toilet at her home, before letting me tie her up, play with her slowly and lick her.

I've always wanted to have an arrangement with a woman, where we'd meet once a month and watch each other pee somewhere public, but it's never happened— however, I have been watching public piss porn for over ten years now which I still love, alongside these (and other) memories.
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