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Update 26: Now we know one of those doofuses! 23rd August

Posted over a year ago | Cambridge, Cambs, East Anglia

August 23rd: so, the apparent threat to social order prompts an interesting form of "vigilante justice" by the seeker.... he's definitely a male, too.

His actions reveal the interesting truth about the self-appointed male guardians of hypocritical British "morality." A touch of jealousy, clearly, is motivating his responses and the threat to the social order posed by DET's mission - the celebration of outrageous and totally fun sex-capades with willing women - must be attacked.

He needs to be reminded of a fundamental freedom...which is, consenting adults having whatever kind of sex they choose with one another. No agenda is more pro-feminist than this one. Of course, he finds himself unable to tolerate such exercise of free will and he really struggles with the concept that females are willing participants in DET's debauched scenarios. This refusal to contemplate reality is quite typical, as I've discussed in other columns.

This subject is now coming into vogue in mainstream media too....

Our vigilante's efforts don't even serve his own cause well. DET can be located anywhere....DET is worldwide and so is the Internet. It's nice that we can log on from anywhere, it really helps keep us in touch when we're on the road. Next time I think I'll send him a note from Vietnam, or Russia... or how about from his own UK campus as I wait for one of my student cuties to meet me at his local coffee shop! Haha! It would be sooo sweet if one of his own students was one of mine too! Everyone knows that my tutorials are far more fun than his...

July 27th: we know he's a his content-free posts on OZ!

Ah, now we hear the customary baying of the Brit-bob hyenas! This is all so far beyond their comprehension, they struggle to handle it.

First, there's the idea that women might have (very) adult sexual preferences and that they enjoy the concepts of the Master of Oz...this is literally beyond the imagination of the ignoramuses.

It begs the question....what kind of repressed and prudish women do these guys know? Or, more likely, how do they view and repress those females around them? Probably he's a frequent user of words like "slag" and "tart" and numerous other demeaning classic Brit-bob-speak expressions. Also he treats women as his property, pissing on them like they were his imbecilic "turf"...this is another classic control-freakery tactic of the ignorant Brit-alec.

Have you noticed, reader, all these guys do is whine and carp about what's not possible? It makes me wonder... why they deny stridently every such possibility of progressive sex and respect between men and women... these guys are like ostriches thrusting their heads into the sand.

The Master of Oz knows that much more is possible...with the right combination of skills and experience.

Second, the doofus' efforts to deny the reality of the piracy that's going on all around him, well... they are almost comical!

Today this appeared in my inbox:


"Master of Oz?! I'm a Berkshire girl but I don't think I am as closed minded as some of the British girls you write about. You can count me among your UK female fan club ;) Your postings are worth the time. Every day! Their insight makes me chuckle. There seem to be a lot of these males what you call doofuses around me. There's a guy who wants to get in my panties at the bar now! Do you know it? it's in [Newbury bar]? If only he knew!

Sent from my iPhone"


It'd be sooo f-ing funny if this girl was one of the doofuses friends! Muahaha! If that's the case, then I'm going to have to fuck her first and hardest when I'm there next, and then she'll really understand everything!

May 11th. O. My. God! Sexy (white) Brit bitch +2!

For more detail, see the other posting by the Master of Oz...I find another deliciously sensual white Brit girl! This is incredible! This year is the most amazing of all time. I mean, I always have my fun in the UK, but my open-minded and adventurous female respondents are almost always either black or Asian Brits, or internationals living in the UK who don't subscribe to classic middle-class British prudery and know how to have a good time.

I guess we can all be wrong sometimes. I want these girls to show me their moves, then I'll tell you if they walk the walk as well.

April 17th: another sexy Brit lady responds! Wow! This is a bonanza year! Now I have four British women who want to experience my mastery, and only two of them are black! This upcoming visit to the dank and misty isles will be more fun than usual. It's not good to disappoint a lady and as you know by now, the Master of Oz never does that. So, I will take all of them, in turn, in various inventive ways but obviously, I won't plan one night after another. These women might even be horny bitches like my recent Asian and American sextoys.

March 20th. There is always an exception that proves the rule! I confess that it was disappointing I could not meet my crazy Brit babe abroad again for a repeat of last month's action. She was rather exceptional, in many ways. Ah well, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and a real man makes the best of the situation.

The trip was not without its pleasures... I did tame a luscious Chinese TigerGirl, an elegant HK executive lady and even a tall American college girl on the odyssey. Very nice, all of them, in their ways.

But I could use my fabulous experience with hot Brit bitch to answer A. part 2 of the new quiz question. Answer it for yourselves.

March 4th. Wild action to come. Next post soon!

Feb 23rd. Readers, when you find women who are artists in submission and sexual adventure, it's the greatest experience ever.

So, after the recent encounter with my luscious middle-England slut, you understand that I need this girl again.

I've made my plans despite the fact she lives thousands of miles away from me.

In the near future, we will reconvene. I'm not only going to fuck the s%%% out of her, I want her to party with my Asian fucktoy. So I'm going to show up late at the hotel and spend all night and most of the following day in a wild fuckfest with these two hotties. I'd better refrain from hooking up with regular cuties here before the trip or even I won't have sufficient stamina for this encounter.

Here's what one of them says:

"I have missed you already! thinking it would be nice to spend a sunday afternoon on big bed with at least 8 condoms with you :P"

The lady has such an elegant and beguiling way with words... and such desire! Ah! *sigh* This is an expression of true sensual beauty, this is what we live for.

Her my command! Exactly!

Drink beer, watch porn and fuck two luscious young women until we cannot move, any of us!

Your problem is, I mean for most of you Brits, this is just a fantasy. You guys are too reactionary, inconsiderate and bumbling, and you girls are too tight, repressed and frightened of your own natural desires. No wonder you all behave still like Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims...actually at least Williams paraded his gayness.

Anyway, it got me thinking... at some future time, when hot Brit bitch returns home, we're going to do this in the UK. Just because...amid the repressive culture, it would be even more amusing. And you readers would never know if it's me, the master of Oz, at work! Haha!

(Girls: when you write me wanting to know more, what I do with these women, etc. I'm happy to respond but please remember that brief description. You know what I like - if you don't, then see below.)

Feb 14th: as regular readers of the d.s. chronicles know, it's update time.

This time, this time...what to say? I'm almost at a loss for words.

So I met a Brit. Under rather unexpected circumstances here - she responded to an ad of mine. Actually, several! She is certainly an attractive woman, mid-20s, slender with nice DD curves. Teaching English somewhere in Asia. She seemed interested in my more advanced skills. This is something I have been skeptical of, as you all know. But. She was not only smart, confident, self-aware and fun...she was kinky, demanding, voracious, absolutely f-ing incredible!!

WOW!! I took her every which way, and still she wanted more. I fucked her in various positions, in her ass, I pulled her hair, choked her and stuffed and fisted her luscious wet pussy, and then when I could hardly think, she demanded to be assfucked again. She was almost - but not quite - too much for me.

Seven hours later, we could barely move. Either of us. OMG indeed! An overused expression but, this time, quite appropriate.

She wrote, among other things:


"Hey [kinky master] - nice to hear from you :)
Oh my GOD I'm exhausted!!!! Total miracle I made it in today, switched all three alarms off while still dreaming and woke up 20mins before I was supposed to leave the office!!....

Thanks for biggin' up my directness...helps me remember I don't need to change! Good to be reminded there are others of us - who think the same stuff."


No s&&&!

Well, we can all be wrong from time to time. I must tell you, OZ readers, that this sexy bitch is one of the best fucks of all time. You know that I know what I speak of. She is equal to the very sluttiest black French girl from Martinique or the sultriest Latina from Colombia and better than any other European girl I've met.

However, she does share my opinion of British culture and the sexual repressions that inhibit people there.

I confess, I can't wait for more. What a discovery! It's been years since I really wanted a Brit girl. Damn!

And it's funny how this segues so well into my previous posting, you remember, when I said...

Feb 6th: on the road in Asia...time for a serious bang-fest. Funny, Brit girls abroad become almost human...they're not exactly sensual Latinas, but they are a little more open and want to be dirtier than they are at home.

So I am going to take the cute 20 year old backpacker girl to my hotel room and drill her. She's a nice home counties girl - cute smile, long dark hair, nice boobs and a slightly posh accent. Her BF lives in Oxford, but she's footloose out here. She won't tell him anything about being mastered by an expert twice her age. You know this is my favourite sport. I'm going to make that girl write and moan and sweat in the darkness ...the aircon goes off for the fuckfest in the dark hotel in the steamy ambience. I will apply mild sensual torture in my inimitable way. She's never experienced anything like what I'm going to do to her. She will hardly be able to walk when I'm done with her and I'm going to collapse onto the next plane with a big smile.

Might visit her in Oxford when bf is away, later.

Jan 26th: you dirty people! Still reading my unquestioned perversions! But then, you know you can't stop yourselves.

Here's what my recent lover wrote.

"My memories are vivid as well and my devilish smile is once again on my face as my body quivers with desire. So many wonderful things to remember - I look down at my cleavage and touch my breasts my nipples harden instantly, they got just what they wanted - I often think of when you licked my ass hole, as a virgin to this I must say this was mind blowing and blissful. I often wonder... What other firsts might we explore together?

One of the things I enjoy the very most about your company and being your sex toy is how you skillfully - both firmly and gently - play with me. You, my dear, are a rare man as you understand how to take a woman and give to her at the same time.

Dreaming of my next surrender to you. A."

And here's how we got there...

Jan 11th: So, tomorrow, I'm travelling on business. I have demanded that my 50 year old executive lady - MILF type as they say in college now - will meet me. With no bra. She is tall and a looker. More important, she has fabulous breasts, the kind that are so big and soft, it's hard to contain each of them in one hand. She has very big and sensitive nipples.

She's going to be hard when she meets me at bag claim, dressed in the thick coat but with no bra underneath. She then drives me to her house where I'm going to f$$$ the s^^^ out of her. As she drives, I sit in the back seat, part her coat and bare her boobs. Then I start squeezing her boobs as she drives on. It will be dark, and the odds of oncoming drivers confirming what we're doing, or even believing what they are seeing if they do, are very low. We on the other hand will know very well how exciting this is!

At her home, it's hard to describe how wonderfully sensual and erotic the experience will be. Here's what we do. She has a nice big house, after her divorce she has full ownership. Peaceful, quiet and perfect for sexual depravity. Every woman should be so well provided!

She sits on her couch, by the fire, legs wide apart and her glass of wine in her hand. I kneel, push my face between her legs and lick her stiff clit. I go very slow. She tastes and feels fantastic. Her arousal is the most critical thing in the world.

And then, ahh! I begin probing her wet, hot pussy. What a thrill to push my fingers deep inside her! I work her magic spot while she tries to control her lust and fights to keep the wine glass steady. She has mental resistance but she won't win. Eventually, she puts it down and abandons herself to my ministrations. My hands meantime fondle her breasts, one at a time, softly pinching and twisting her swollen nipples while I work into her wet heat, deeper and harder, until her vagina tents fully. This happens quite suddenly, and at the instant it does, my whole fist will slide inside her. I work inside her, irresitably, against her G-spot.

Oh yes. After that, she's going to come. Again. And again. And again.

I can't wait!!

She loves our adventure and always plays the role for me eagerly. I am starting to make increasingly kinky demands as you can see but I am by no means finished.

Doing this at Heathrow would be even more fun, because of the generally higher level of social repression. But, I'm getting ahead here.

To the point.

Obviously, to be in this situation, a man must offer something quite different than... DOOFUS SPERM! Which brings us back to the normal plot of this evolving posting.

Dec 30th: A happy New Year to all you Oz-Pervs out there reading this! New Year's Resolution.... Get your perv on now! And girls, avoid that awful, sticky, yucky doofus sperm.... find the real stuff and enjoy!

Some OZ readers think I'm legendarily perverse and somehow dirtier than all of you.

But really I'm no more perverse than most of you... I just have the balls to do what you all dream about, and the reason I get to do this is because I offer something much better than d.s. that you've become accustomed to!

I'm going to get a great present this of my college cuties, J., is going to dress in that red robe and Santa hat and I'm going to take her at her girlfriend's place (their family are gone for the break and we can get our freak on in peace). She is quite tall, long dark hair, a killer smile, warm and welcoming and friendly, a real girl next door. And J. has yummy boobs, a great ass and she's just as perverted as I am...not as experienced, yet, but then that's my job and she loves the lessons.

Update: J. was delightful. An evening at the pub - as always, thinking of the OZ readers around us, laughing at them - followed by the night at my hotel room. I did take J.'s ass this time. What utter delight, to oil up and slowly stuff her beautiful butt while she moaned underneath me, partly in apprehension, and part in ecstacy.

This is a banal encounter for the master you have come to know and love, yes, but I did demand that she wears the Santa gear while sucking me off....mildly perverted, I give you, but not too edgy. Anyway I hope Santa COMES for you like she will, for me :) Haha!

Here's the previous archive...

Dec 18th: Forget the d.s. for a moment and contemplate extreme vaginal insertion. Some of you already this college girl:

"Your ad has me very very curious. How old are you? And women you have been with like this? Just curious, but what do you get out of it? Does it end in sex? Do you jack off? Sorry for all the questions, but I've never even thought of this!"


Natural curiosity...a little shy, perhaps, in the real world but online she confesses her perversion to the master, me. She knows I will mentor her in the kinky arts. Of course I want to come over her tits, who wouldn't? But she's going to get me off, that's the point of arranging these meetings.

And this one:


"I might be interested in participating with your stretching. Could you please send me a pic of yourself? I have attached a silly pic of myself. I have been stretching moderately before and was very turned on by it."


Of course she has. Who wouldn't want to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d by a real master of his craft? However, this girl didn't include what I like to see in these notes...which brings me back to....

NEWSFLASH: Girls, when you write me, you know I always enjoy your observations, but please at least describe yourselves for me. I don't have a fixed "type" in terms of ethnic background, height, colour etc.

You can excite me in many ways, but you must know by now you get big-time bonus points for:

Elegance in public.
Posh accent.
Good education and well-read.
International experience (lived/studied/spent time abroad, not Magaluf)
Public schoolgirl respectability.
Hairband. (Don't ask why, we all have our fetishes and this has got to be one of the kinkiest of all)
Big boobs (Can't help it, that's so f%%% compelling...and for Christ's sake if you have them, then show them! Those pics I get with your tits hidden under those woolly December sweaters, AAARGH!! What's the point? Cleavage, girls!!)

A girl who delivers all of the above will be my very first call next in the UK, I promise.

Anyone who fills all the above, and who bends over in heels and fishnets in her pic for me, gets a special visit in front of the virtual Oz crowd. I'll make you write a paragraph here for the benefit of the readership after I ream the s%%% out of you.

Aaaaanyway, back to our regular's Dec 5th.

That means now it's dark and cold and windy. F***! That's why Britain sucks. And it sucks even more for the purveyors of d.s..... yes, the doofuses who believe that there are only prudish, closed-minded women!

I know different, but that's because I've got the balls and the knowledge to do something different. I make it happen wherever I am.

I admit, on my last visit here, I really found out that you girls are more advanced and readier for kinky fun than ever before. It used to be quite the tedious chore even to relax a girl enough to push something up her delicious tight arsehole. That's getting better now, quite a few girls know that their arses are a focus of erotic pleasure when stimulated expertly. A good licking of a girl's anus puts her into a different zone and we don't have to waste time getting there now. Thank God!

And there's more. The world that the doofuses can never know is a magical world of erotic potential and gratification.

My pretty 18 year old student, E., has now been introduced to the divine art of fisting. Of course it's astonishingly orgasmic and every woman loves the idea. It's amazing how many women in their 40s and 50s have never tried it. E. relaxed and took my whole fist last time. It took plenty of Astro and about two hours of rhythmic distension to make it all the way to the magic tent. And after that mind-altering experience, we know that no girl ever feels the same. Then they realize that most boys are d.s. providers.

CrazyOz readers, listen up. It's even better. Next up, E.'s mother wants to meet me. Why not? She's in her early 40s, same as me. She knows her little girl is getting f%%%ed sh%%less and loves it. That's what it's about. Mum knows that boys her daughter's age can't turn her head, they have no idea. She also knows her daughter is not being seeded with d.s. What a relief! But something's happening. E. is always dressing sexy, plunging top showing those wonderful big soft tits of hers for my pleasure.

I need to grope them in the pub again, like we did a few weeks ago! That was a blast! Outraging the local young doofus males and titillating the girls.

Another secret that polite society doesn't share: girls like watching a bloke's hands roam another girl's tits. It's hot. They like the look on her face. And mine. They know how great it feels and how hard the master's cock is growing. Also, it pisses off the doofuses beyond measure, which is another reason to do this in public.

My drink at the pub with E. and her Mum will have to wait until next time I'm in town but it will be fun. It would be fun to end up at E's Mum's house that night.

Yes, of course I've fucked a girlfriend's Mum before. Not often, I grant, but it's not such a big deal. Last time, in Eastern Europe. Mum was OK with the scene but dear daughter did get a little uppity at first...somehow, it was shocking to her that I'd want to - or that I did - fuck her Mum. But why not? Mum had the same lovely tits, smiling eyes, red lips and round alluring arse. It was fine after a couple of weeks but I had to be more careful not to let Dear Daughter know when I was planning to ream Mum. No problem the other way around. Go figure.

CrazyO readers, don't believe that this is all I do. I have plenty of professional responsibilities. Don't we all. But I write about the interludes of fun that I enjoy. I'm good at finding my fun with willing women. We all have our talents....

I say: all of you, take a stand! Bugger the repressions of the sordid land! Celebrate midwinter with a wild new fuckfest, like I'm going to as soon as I get the student papers marked.

From November's update: Time for new cuties...both of you! I can't wait to master you and fuck you into ecstatic submission. You may be teens - legal of course - but you love how a real man makes you feel. We'll be dirtier than ever in my rented apartment!

The Olympics are done...and I've enjoyed using my Oz girls as fuck toys in several locations. Now I'm back at the ranch...but I'll be coming again soon, in every way imaginable!

I want to inflict some real manga-style pussy torture on my victims. I mean, to spread and s-t-r-e-t-c-h her wet hole wide open and STUFF IT FULL until her back arches with ecstacy and she shudders into orbit. Ahh...mmmm....yeahhhh.....ohhh.....s%%%T! Or something like that, it's hard to make out what my whores are saying when they're coming so hard.

There's something decadent and compelling about violating my lovelies like this - either my refined married lady in her 40s, in her elegant evening gown and heels, or my late-teens black college girl with the fantastic big boobs and curvy ass.

Happy times! Back to work for a while. Here's the earlier posting...


From July: the Olympics are almost here. Which's almost time for an OLYMPIC FUCK! It's going to be crowded and heaving. But somewhere, you girls living in London are going to want to get f%%%%ed in the most mouthwateringly delicious ways. Let the others distract themselves while you engage in indoor sports.

I have several luscious assignations set up in the search for Olympic gold in the sexual arts. I can't wait to ream my beauties...from my curvaceous and kinky legal teen schoolgirl to my refined mature executive lady with her respectable life/job/husband/kids. You know who you are. But the readers don't even though several thousand of them are following the saga.

Now, back to the d.s. and the debate. "Amanda" says:

"hello whoever you are... haha! your postings are weekly entertainment for me. i know girls are not supposed to say they like your blatant sexual analysis but i do. somehow your openness isn't crude and stupid. you sound like you know it and mean it all. i'd like to know more. maybe you're an axe murderer but then so could my ex-bf. haha. maybe that wasn't so funny. he's still jealous. aaanyway

ok here's me [NB: nice pic!] please don't post my pic! [NB: my dear, of course not - I share nothing that could ever identify you with the baying audience on Oz.] i'm 19 5'4'' with blonde hair and brown eyes. i'm not a model but most boys think i'm attractive. also i have big sensitive boobs.. i hear you like them ;) [NB Of course I do! I can't see Amanda's well in the respectable pic she sent but the outline of her tits is very promising] it's summer holiday now but i'm at college [x]. i'm studying [subject y] and want to find work in [field z].

sad to say i find the boys quite tedious. it seems like i'm living in a primary school playpen sometimes. i like sex and i'd like it even more if it were better *sigh* i SO DO NOT want any more doofus sperm!

i'd like to meet you if you're coming to [location X] soon. i am curious to see if i am as submissive as i think i might be but i will never find out with the doofuses. you have the experience and the qualities i need to help me find out. A."


Ah, I love you adventurous girls! You see why.

Well, what do you think I'm going to do with Amanda? Talk to her, yes, sure, at first. A drink at the pub, a bite to eat. If we like each other then.... ahhh... you'll read more about it soon!

Meantime, back to the d.s. posting. Here's the early July update.

I fixed the original posting and moved the body to the "d.s. monologue" posting. All wholesome goodness, as before, just reordered and edited a little.

It's making the rounds, definitely. It seems like some of you know exactly what I mean. Lisa, your description of the way you reacted to an unexpected blast of d.s., well, I don't know whether to find it hilarious or horrifying. Or both at the same time. Proves my points. Why didn't you realise that the doofus was about to come over you? And why was this happening with a lot of your friends watching TV in the living room? I mean, really, I'm not exactly a prude but there's a time and place for our fun...

Some of you have asked what's up with me. Well class may not be in session but work is still tough right now...but very soon, I will be debauching in my rented apartment in the EU with my schoolgirl sex toy, S. Let's be clear. She's 18 yrs old, so prurient witch-hunters, go take a hike. She may be young but she has fabulous big boobs and she's such a horny bitch. Fantastic! S. hates the d.s of her own schoolmates and loves being mastered by a mature, dominant man. Educating her to savor the kinky arts is a pleasure beyond compare and we're certainly getting there.

We're going to play some totally fun games at our summer retreat... she's going to wear heels, fishnets, provocative top that shows a portion of her amazing tits.. she waits at the cafe-bar, with men (and some women) salivating over her... then I appear a couple mins later. I arrive and pretend to be her "uncle"... we chat, have our lunch. These scenarios are such a blast, because when I grope her boobs and feel her ass, the outrage of the passers-by knows no bounds. Hahaha! An all-afternoon-fuck in the rented apartment is a pure delight. This way, we achieve total escapism and gratification, and in her case glowing satisfaction.

Then when we can't move or even fuck another time, at least for a while, we get dinner and head out to dance in the fashionable night spots. That's always a blast too.

S. says:


"Earlier I was thinking about how it started, I still remember the scenario you wrote me first before meeting and oh yeah it got me horny just like it did back then, a year ago! So maybe we should do what we didn't do at first!

[my suggestion to dress her in fishnets and heels with a low-cut top for our "uncle/niece" public dinner was originally a little too adventurous for her. But now S. says...]

I think it sounds like a great idea now that I am more advanced and relaxed or maybe we can even do another scenario. Because in [city X] no one knows us :) ))) We can be professor and his whore or uncle/niece or whatever our perverted and creative minds can think of."


Haha! Ah, what a girl! What a blast! Yes, we can and will! Summer vacations are so much better now than when I was at school or university...I didn't have such luscious, well-developed sex toys back then. It's exciting to enact these uncle/niece or professor/student roleplays.

The last time, S. made me f%%% her eighteen times in three days, the minx. I thought I had more than enough stamina for any young lovely. But no college girl has worn me out like she did.

Ah, the problems we have! When I was her age, there's just no way I'd have had this problem. Because there were no sextoy cuties like her! Intelligent and sexy girls don't want aimless, fumbling and inexperienced schoolmates. They want a masterful man. No d.s.!

It'd be fun to have an adventurous schoolgirl cutie like her in the UK too but it's problematic because there's too much of a climate of oppression. The insane pedo-fantasy-phobia contaminates normal relations between mature men and fully legal girls. Plenty of you want to try this kind of scene but it's just not possible with people you know - the potentials are too horrendous if your Dad's mates are involved - and it's very hard to establish trust and get to know a potential masterful man in normal life.

That's why the net is so awesome. We get to meet those with common interests and strip away the social performance veneers. Let's express ourselves plainly and honestly and we'll all feel better.

Still, you college cuties are luscious too. I confess that I am partial to you white-bread upper-class Brit lovelies.. with posh accents, nice curves, long hair, white hairband and one of those come-hither smiles. After a civilized drink and something to eat, all conducted with decorum... then, later, hearing you beg in your posh voice for my perverse mastering and your ultimate orgasmic release ...ahh!

There's something inexpressibly satisfying about a proper society girl talking like the dirtiest whore in creation.

THAT is truly a peak experience, even for a jaded master like me.

Update: now I'm going to use one of my fave Brit lovelies with her delightful accent. You, reading this, might even be working with her, or for her. But you can't ever know who she really is. So let's call her "C." This is even better because C. likes girls and keeps her desires for mastering quite private. I'm going to use her in my classic way.

She knows. And you know. There's never a need to accept being covered and filled with d.s. Girls, you do it to yourselves. Use your big brains and avoid the d.s. purveyors. Not too hard.

PS.. And, guys, it helps not to be an anorak...remember that the d.s. isn't biophysical. It's psychophysical. Develop your skills and transform what they see as your d.s into the creamy expression of appreciation that the cuties love.

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