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Twerking on my tongue.

11th November 2022 - 18:15 | London, London

As I'm super horny at the moment, so I thought I'd share an experience from earlier in the year to help me... offload.

Over the past few years, I've been using a Hookup app (Pure), and although it's good fun, is pretty impossible for men to actually meet women. The men outweigh the women by 500:1, men have to pay for it while women don't... the list goes on— it isn't great. Anyway, I'd never had any luck with it— I would sometimes match with women, but it generally went nowhere. Until something happened in April.

One day, when I was out and about in Liverpool Street, doing some errands, I matched with a girl. I was excited to match, in general, but even more so that she was able to hold an actual conversation and was down to meet. Fearing I'd lose signal on the train, I got off at Euston Square and continued chatting to her. I asked her if she wanted to meet for a drink, and she said yes, and that she could accommodate. I didn't have much plans and she looked pretty cute, so I got the train to South London, jumping on a bus and walking to meet her— all in all an hour and half journey. When I met her at her front door, she was actually a quite rude and abrupt, but SUPER sexy— Mediterranean girl, early 20's, curves for days, with the biggest roundest peach of a bum, massive tits and sexy accent. We hung out in a park for an hour or so till it got dark, and then went back to her place. I wasn't sure about her as she was a little stand-off-ish and like I say, rude, but when we got to kissing, that all changed. She was an amazing kisser and the moment we got at it, she devoured me, with me getting to handle her massive tits, taking them out and suckling from her, while I rubbed her fat wet pussy. Soon enough, her knickers were pulled to the side and I ate her pussy for a good 20-30 minutes, while she held my face into her hole, all the while on the edge of cumming. After she came, I wanted her butt.

'Shall I lick your arse?' I asked her, eager to taste her rear.
'Pussy first. Arse second', she replied: response that I'll never forget.

She was close to cumming for so long, till finally she did. Then I turned her on her front, and pulling her cheeks apart, began licking her juicy peach. While I was licking her arse, she literally twerked her bum on my tongue. I've slept with a good few women, but none as confident as that, and none as sexy too. I stuck my tongue deep in her hole (as I always do) and watched as she rubbed her pussy to completion. It was pretty cold in her room, but I persevered, fucking her with my cock for a good 30 mins, grabbing each of her tits as her juicy thighs spread open for all of my thick, 7.5 inches, her, rubbing her clit, juicing my BBC with her cream. Finally I finished, wanking myself onto her tummy, and spreading it in. She warmed up to me by the time we'd fucked, and we laid there chatting for a while till I finally made my way back home.

I met up with her one more time, and all of the above happened again, with some facesitting too. I've had a few one-night stands before, but nothing as exciting as that and I'm glad for that spring day of spontaneity.
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