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A need to feed— Breast worship.

20th November 2022 - 0:10 | London, Nw10

For a long time, I've been looking for a woman who'd want to breastfeed me. I actually have no interest in milk, just dry suckling, tenderness and closeness. It's such a niche kink, that finding a woman who is interested, single (and sane!) is near impossible. I've explored it many times over the years, so I have the experience, but not the luck in finding someone who wants to explore this in a consistent dynamic.

All I sometimes want is to be cradled in an older woman's arms, as she lifts her top for me. With her skin exposed, she holds me close in a hug, stroking my face. Lifting her arms, I can smell her familiar natural scent, laced with deodorant as she unclips her nursing bra— the sound alone making my cock hard, my eyes lighting up as I latch on, holding me close to her chest as I feed, her aching pussy throbbing, pulsing and leaking...
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