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Abused and Enjoyed It

19th November 2022 - 15:56 | London, London

I’m a software engineer based in london. Work can get tedious at times to the point where you find yourself working extra long hours after work. Were based on floors on certain towers in London.

One night I had to finish a project so had to stay in the office until 10pm, the offices are open 24hrs with different companies on different floors.

I went to get a coffee and found a nice looking latina cleaner cleaning the kitchen worktops. I asked her how comes your still here, she said she was on night shifts and finished at 6am. I then told her it was just us two in the office so she could relax as opposed to cleaning as it wasn’t even that dirty. I said “you must get fed up having to clean everyones mess” to which she replied “it would be good if someone cleaned up mine” as she pointed to her private area. I just laughed it off, didn’t think much of it until she got serious and looked at me right in the eyes and said “I was being serious”. I got a little red as I’m quite a shy guy. I said “what would you have me do?”. She put her cleaning things away, washed her hands and came and sat down in the software engineering pod where she took her trainers off and pulled her trousers and knickers off. I was stood there in my shirt and trouser and I saw she was already wet. She then said “this isn’t going to clean itself you know”. I don’t know what happened to me but I froze and automatically went down on my knees and she grabbed me and said “get the tongue out” while she started grinding on my face. She tasted absolutely amazing. After around 5minutes she said “I want that tongue to be my dildo”. She then made me stick my tongue out and used her hand to thrust it deep inside her, at this point I had juices dripping down my beard and my cock was so hard it was going to rip my trousers. She then said “slowly lick my clit and when I say so, drink me up”. I used my tongue to make slow circles around her clit then licked it directly up and down with the back of my tongue so it was soft and smooth. She was moaning and she said “get ready to drink and swallow in a few seconds”. I literally got held from the back of my head and was forced to drink and swallow so much fluid. I swallowed everything, I could taste some urine mixed with slightly salty cum and it was alot too. She then rubbed her wet pussy and dried her hand on my neck. She pulled my hair back, kissed me and spat in my mouth and told me that was the best orgasm she had. After this she got up and left me with a rock hard cock and said “i’m going to make you wait your turn until my next shift and this is just the beginning”.

I had to go the toilets to freshen up and when I did I felt used and abused, but a part of me was like wow what just happened. I waited a few weeks and never saw her again. She literally disappeared on me, maybe in the fear of losing her job? Or maybe it was her last day? The thought of her still goes around in my head. I want somebody to do this to me again and again.
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