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Mid 50s. I need advice from women regarding my Wife.

11th December 2022 - 13:35 | London, London

OK. We are an English married couple in our mid 50s. We've been together for 22 years and we have a good sex life. A good few years ago. Between 2001 and 2007. We got into swinging.

Talking openly about sex. She'd been very upfront regarding her preference for men that were packing 8 inches or more and that she'd experienced bigger than me in her past. We hadn't been together that long at the time.
(Btw. I'm reasonably well endowed at over 7 inches with a decent girth)
I straight up asked her if she would be interested in having a very well endowed guy join us and that we could advertise. It didn't take her long to say that she'd like to try such a situation.
(I was happy to allow her and our male guest to enjoy themselves while I watched discreetly.)
Over that 5-6 years. We advertised in various adult personals and had 9 different men join us for fun sessions over that 5 year period.

A few of them we saw on a regular basis.
I'd initially vet the replies and then my Wife would get to pick and choose who she wanted to meet after chatting on the phone.
We were well organised and my Wife was very keen to try out some different well hung men.
It all went very well. She'd dress up for each occasion wearing sexy lingerie etc.
She really made the most of these meetings and I loved watching her in action.

By 2007. My Wife said she wanted to give up the lifestyle and that we should put those wild times behind us.
However. Since then, If the subject of well endowed men comes up on TV or whatever. She always makes a comment with a little glint in her eye.

I really miss those sessions. I loved watching her.
In 2007 she had been pretty adamant that we were giving up that type of activity and said that she felt that I was too obsessed with the whole thing.

I'm nervous about bringing up the subject again. I don't want a bad reaction from her, but she really does enjoy those big c**k jokes and comments on TV.
She would never suggest going back to that lifestyle without me saying something first.
It was my idea in the first place.
I can't believe that she could go from fully enjoying those well hung guys to not thinking about it any more. We met one guy with a very thick 9 inches and she said she'd never seen such a big one and she totally worshipped it. We saw him on a regular basis over a two year period. Yes. It did make me jealous but I enjoyed watching her enjoying herself and had to accept that she had experienced bigger than me and from what I saw. She really was enjoying sex on a different level than she could with me.

Is her very upfront response to jokes and comments about big c**ks her way of hinting that she would like to enjoy some more of that kind of action again?
Is it really possible for a very sexual woman such as my Wife to be really into guys that were much more well endowed than myself to then just suddenly give that up and to not think about enjoying an extra inch or so ever again?

How do I subtly bring up the subject and admit that I really miss watching her in action as described above?
I'd like to hear from women that can help with some advice.

Thank you for reading.
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