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Poole guy seeks female companion

3rd December 2023 - 9:22 | Dorset, Poole | Age 62

Hello, I am Dominic, a guy living in Poole, Dorset and I seek a single, LOCAL lady (within 15 miles or so, hopefully closer) between the ages of about 20 and 45 who seeks a physical friendship; not a friendship of dawn to dusk togetherness (which would be too much for me!), but visits a couple of times a week, maybe more, for some mutually exciting sexual fun... A little about me; I walk with the aid of crutches. This doesn't stop me walking, but a couple of miles limit. Being thus disabled has no impact upon the activity with which this advert is concerned. I weigh in at around 80kg and am not in bad shape, disability aside. A little about you: you are local, independent, possibly absolutely fed up with constant male company (maybe divorced or estranged) but nonetheless wishing some male contact together with a little safe, gentle and fulfilling penetrative intimacy once in a while; you are safe and seek safety and confidentiality. You seek genuine friendship and genuine EXCITEMENT! You seek a reliable, polite, safe pal with whom the possibility exists to meet reasonably frequently (hopefully more often than monthly!), get naked and f**k: nothing horrible, nothing kinky, just a good old penetrative workout to climax and beyond! (ALWAYS safe). Activities other than carnal also possible, but if you just want a fellow to 'do' for you safely when you feel the inclination that's fine.

I live alone in Poole and can accommodate. I'm genuinely single (as are you), average build, just under 6 feet. I vape, (having stopped smoking in January 2020) I never touch alcohol and it would be groovy if you also don't... You don't HAVE to be dry: you DO have not to need alcohol throughout meetings (I find dealing with a person who has had as little as a glass of wine repulsive). I do not have a history of recreational drug use. Neither do you.

I'm educated, civilised and respectful. I'm completely committed to safety; yours and mine. I'm also committed to giving you a quality experience that you will WANT to repeat again and again.

I have no problem at all getting and maintaining a quality, natural erection (seven inches uncircumcised, described by a former girlfriend as chunky) and I can genuinely last longer than most (it will NOT all be over in twenty seconds, even on the first occasion, and after 2 or 3 you'll probably find that my staying power beats all!)... I'm committed to safety: yours and mine. Protection always used. I am dd free, as are you. Safety matters for you too.

I AM FULLY COVID VACCINATED AND BOOSTED. So are you. If you are an antivaxxer, please jog on.

If interested, please drop me a line or text 07398 945696 (text before trying to call) and we'll arrange a short meeting in a public place (café) for an initial, polite chat. If you see me in Poole and wish to say hi, you may approach me and do so in safety. I visit the town centre most days.

To be clear, I don't send pictures of the thing upon request, but I am very happy for a SECOND meeting to entail a relaxed and safe preview of myself completely nude and aroused, should you wish this (and absolutely NOT if you don't!). I offer this having had the experience of a lass that I wanted to date demanding it; it was both strangely pleasant for both of us and useful (we stood discussing sexual likes and dislikes with myself nude and VERY aroused, with her briefly approaching for a short fondle, undertaken explicitly to make sure that I didn't pop my cork at the slightest touch: I assure the reader that I do not) it was EXQUISITELY interesting and great fun, and yes, I passed the viewing and did get to date her! Having a ruthless, horny woman demand to examine the goods up front was an unnerving but VERY interesting and delightful experience (for both of us).
What kind of lass made such a demand? Fairly ordinary late thirties who wanted to be ABSOLUTELY SURE in advance that I was UP to the job, having been given the run around by one or two fellas previously.
You are obviously not going to be subjected to anything at all that you find unpleasant or do not wish to do, as am not I (I have no wish at all to attempt anal, which will either delight or anger you; so if you want it up your bottom, please jog on. This is about mutual, gentle, SAFE fun. As in any relationship, if you wish to explore something different, that can happen, subject to safety and cleanliness. My genuine aim is that we both very much ENJOY each other's company every so often. My aim is NOT that of being promiscuous, as that would be horrible and bloody dangerous.

A gentle lead in is possible, rather than a furtive brew and straight upstairs. A fortnight getting to know is completely cool, without so much as the tip of my tongue passing your lips, or your hand slipping into my pants, giving you the time to decide against, should you feel this prudent. Equally, if you NEED to get down to it FAST, I will oblige on a second meeting, which can happen as soon as one day after first meeting.

I'm not easy to contact in the first instance by voice call: Very first contact by email or text is best. In the event that you break off, your contact details will be erased. My intention is to treat you with respect and to operate entirely within the constraints placed upon me by the law and, indeed, common decency. Having said this, a good summary is quality friendship entailing occasional quality and SAFE intimacy.

My physical appearance isn't bad, but I am NOT super attractive, and super attractive women would not want to be seen associating with me. I positively enjoy the company of ordinary ladies; ladies who haven't been getting their share for a while and CRAVE the attentions of an aroused chap and his AROUSED, firm, sheathed member!
Drop me a line, text or email...
My aim is that we BOTH have great, safe FUN! Hopefully regularly. Friendship that gets comfortably and safely physical every so often...

PLEASE email or text if interested in finding out more in absolute safety.
Absolute safety for all parties is my MOST IMPORTANT consideration. EXCITING FUN comes a close second!

Cum along and see if I can make YOU shudder and GASP! 😜 (I most probably can! I've had quite a few GASPING girlfriends who have cum many times back for more and MORE!)
Cum and have a gasp, my dear! I fondly remember one friend of a girlfriend who furtively visited after we broke up as the girlfriend had told her about me in bed, and she wondered if she might cum round occasionally for substantially more than a cup of coffee: she did and VERY much gasped twice a week!

Email me! Quick, easy and SAFE. Possibly the beginning of a mutually enjoyable, EXCITING friendship...!
Possibly a GREAT DEAL of safe, penetrative FUN!!

Gentle, relaxed start... Very much at YOUR pace, your agenda. No rush, no urgency. Built in opportunities to say 'you're not what I'm looking for', or 'eurgh!'. Not unnaturally fast and no risk taken. In summary, not much different from meeting someone socially and becoming friends. Just a teeny bit quicker because we'll both know from day one what we want, and having that expectation from minute one is rather FUN! 😄

An email takes just five minutes and commits you to absolutely nothing at all, but COULD result in you receiving LOTS of something you WANT quite badly, in safety and comfort, to fit in with your busy schedule, hopefully on a regular basis. Do send me a message!
YOU will ALWAYS be very much in control. You WILL be SAFE. You WILL have FUN!

I quote my age truthfully: I am NOT totally decrepit... You'll be VERY surprised... A mature chap will last MUCH longer than a twenty year old, as you may pleasantly and VERY arousingly discover!

Over to you!

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