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£10 💋 Grope a Stranger on the London Underground 💋 5 mins

23rd March 2023 - 23:57 | London, London Underground | Age 39

Whatsapp Viber Messenger: 07721 474 037
KIK SC Skype Telegram Wickr: xxxxsajid (on all 5)
Discord: xxxxsajid#7023
IG: 66sajid66

Was hoping such a straightforward and light scenario got some interest but 6 views in 4 days? LOL this place is a ghost town

Only 3 or 4 stops on the London Underground. No talking, no hellos, no goodbyes, no endless messages. I'll see you on the platform and board same train. Or meet mid-journey just say which carriage. NO SX, NO BJ, NO KISSING, NO HUGGING, NO FINGERING.

Standing next to the glass partition near the doors. You lean into me giving me a sneaky feel of your bum on my front. No touching you only feel. Or you face the door and I'm behind leaning into you (again no touching). If the carriage has less people then maybe lightly touching and squeezing your breasts and/or bum (one hand only). Nothing more happens.

Long seats facing each other. You sit next to me and I place my hand under your bum feeling it and lightly squeezing. If its too risky then you just rub your legs on my legs very very gently. No-one notices and nothing more happens.

I slip you a £10 note at the end or you just take it out my pocket. I leave. No hellos or goodbyes, no conversation. Just like a random encounter. One-off unless and you message me again afterwards wanting to meet otherwise never see each other again.

I promise nothing extreme will happen, any squeeze or touch won't be hard. Only light and unnoticeable. Secondly no risks taken. If too many people or we can't find a good spot, we just do the minimum. Thirdly I'm NOT looking to escalate things e.g. start assaulting you roughly. NO NO NO that's not what this is about.

Sadly its getting out of hand. Gay men pretending to be women to have a wank or worse trick you into meeting. These idiots have ruined it for everyone and unfortunately I'll lose a lot of genuine replies asking this but need a quick body shot next to my name 'Saj' on a paper. No face needed and doesn't have to be full body just a close up of cleavage next to that paper. Just don't wanna show up at the platform and its a bloke which happened before luckily got there before him and left the idiot waiting.

Can be any London Underground or Overground route. Just let me know where you'll be. No need to meet beforehand, meet on platform and board the same train. I won't stand next to you on the platform but once on the train come close to you. Keeping in contact through any App (no talking). Another possibility is meeting you mid-journey getting on and off for 3 stops however coming on later is a little harder as there might not be any space left next to you.

Age 39. London-born Pakistani guy. Height 5'5. Polite, respectful, normal. Don't smoke, no drgs, no crim record at all. I'm a very mild person even a little shy. I've NEVER groped a woman in public nor would I but a pre-arranged meet would be very hot. No expectation of more happening.

Any female aged 18-45: White British, American, Aussie, European, Eastern European, Latina etc. Happy for 2 female friends to reply also (if you feel more comfortable with a friend around). However this ad ain't for Couples I'm afraid only females one or more. I don't mind if you're taller than me in fact its a bit of a turn on if your ass is in my face lol.

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