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16th March 2023 - 2:52 | London, London | Age 60

For playful women only 18 and above, open minded ,uninhibited

Me: I am of Asian origin brown eyes, black hair,
clean shaven when required. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall,
11 stone 10 lbs

I just turned 60 and I just realized that I have not interacted enough with women in my life
I would like to remedy this situation. I like women company very much and I would like to serve you ladies without asking too much from you.

I am a very domesticated Muslim man of Asian origin .
I would like to form a bondage relationship with new women friends.

I would like to form women - pet (me) bondage
I like how people love to play with their pet and i want to get the same treatment from women.
Every pet have an owner / custodian who enjoy the pet company ,the owner / custodian also allows other people to play with his/ her pet .I wholeheartedly welcome this and expect to be treated the same way.

For me a pet have these main characteristics/behaviour

1 they are comfortable in their own skin
2 they are shameless
3 their genital is always visible for any one to see/look
4 they allow their body to touched/caress etc

Therefore as a perfectionist and genuine pet for you ladies, I will adopt the same behavior.

I will present myself starked naked at all times while I am in your custody.

A pet will normally wear a collar, I too would like a collar. However I do not want any part of my body to be covered as that will not make totally naked.

As I want to be a very good pet and always please my owner .With that in mind, I have taken the decision to provide my owner with a remote controlled anal vibrator .I will, with pleasure , present my lubed anus
for my owner to gently thrust the vibrator in.
With my hole plugged, every time my owner buzz my
my anus I will go running to her.

From this point on I would like my owner / custodian to treat me like a two legged pet that can talk and to refer to me as her pet to her guest .I would like her to caress and hug my sensual, cuddly body ,pinch my bum cheeks ,suck my nipples ( makes me go wild) while fondling/stroking my genital ,anything is acceptable (written consent will be provided) .

I am a very able and multiskilled and as such i would like to do chores/work( to be discussed) for my owner/ custodian .

I would like my owner to be a bit of a show off woman who will invite her female family members and female friend to watch her openly play with me .I will look forward for my owner to invite all her guest to fondle my genital , as everyone eyes will be on that area of my body and of course any other parts they so please.

I must emphasize that this bondage is only for women
of any sexual orientation (born female only)

So if any of you ladies would like to do something very different and have a bit of fun with me please reply to this ad.

People say dog is men's best friend ,i hope i can be some women's special friend.

PS this is very taboo in my culture, discretion is very
important to me.
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