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Would you look and touch ( women 18+)

26th May 2023 - 2:56 | London, London

Hi I am a 60+ Asian man,I would like to share my story
with you. It started when I was primary school days everyday after school I would run around with my willy on show for everyone to see . I did this till I was 10 years old .
One day a little girl saw me and she sang all the way home " I've seen a boy without trousers"
Sadly I stopped this when I was circumcised, I became self aware that I no longer have any foreskin.

Now when alone I enjoy being totally naked.
I'm a multiskilled person and on occasions when I'm alone in customer house I like to work naked.
I've done electrical ,tilling,carpet fitting cleaning naked.

When I'm naked I often visualise there are some women looking at me.

In the spirit of my childhood , I want to be stark naked for women and I want to be touched by women.

I would like to earn my living by working naked for women.

So if any of you women would like watch and touch me while I perform your work please drop me an email.
I'm open to any suggestions. You can invite your female friend to see and touch ,I don't mind
Ideally I would like only women to contact me.
However there may not be many women on here who would like what im offering.I would therefore ask the men readers to refer their lady friend who may like what I'm offering.

What I think would be fun , is for men to hire me to do
all the work that their wife have been nagging them to do.
Of course presenting me ,stark naked ,to her and telling her that she is at liberty to touch any part of my body she pleases. She can also invite her lady friend to look and touch.

If this is something that you would like please email me
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