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Give a good caneing by girlfriend in Southampton

4th February 2024 - 22:12 | Dorset, Southampton/poole

I was liveing in Millbrook Southampton with a large most rideable lady I will call Angie . And she would put her 5yr old son to bed change in to nice lace top stockings bra /waspie or suspenders all in Black she would come downstairs ide here her drop her stilettos to the floor step in to them and walk in hair and makeup done well for our nightly session she would always look so sexie she was a sexie size 18 and carried it well ? One evening I saw a Cane hanging in her wardrobe and asked what that was for she replied you if your haughty we laughed and one evening she came down put her new 5.25inch black patent stilettos and came in with the cane in hand .she. striped me down to my pants told me to bend over the table I herd a russle of a beg and she produced a leather strap and pulled my pants down and put it over my bare bottom it felt so horny looking her in black see through bra that was struggling to keep her big bits in and black suspenders/thongs black stockings and her lovely black high heels as she straped me I had a erection whichshe clearly saw she stoped spanked me by hand one hand rubbibg my hard cock said naughty boy i know how to deal with you and picked up the cane which she teased me with soft strokes at first becoming more firmer iwas rearlyfeeling it by now but my hard cock still hanging out and eyeing her stood over me with the cane in her hand made it more pleasant i dont know how she picked it up but sho was very professional wit the cane . applying it expertly when i she thought ide taken it well
And she was happy she put the cane down and we continuedour regular play i rode her hard that night .
Ide often spanked her bum when bent over and during foreplay and while doing doggie and she once put me over her knee with my hard cock rubbing between her nylon clad thighs and gave a good firm hard spanking . On one of our regular trips to dancing ledges in Southampton she would have her long coat on to cover her underwear but stockings and stilettos where clearly visible. It was a warm evening around 7pm and quite we got out she told me strip naked and went to the boot comeing back with a large bag took her coat off positioned me over the bonnet and took out one of her leather slippers said you have due this for a few weeks and slippered my bare bottom , as she changed over to the black leather strap two woman in there 40s both in short skirts short tops one very large breasted in sandals walked by stoped and watched less than 10 feet away Angie just continued i started to feel my cock getting hard and poke out towards them . She called me a naughty boy and the two women laughed applieing the strap quite hard Angie said his hard cocks for your pleasure, the woman with big boobs said I'll give him something to look at while you spank him and took her top and bra off and what a pair they were . Saying its a shame I am not dressed as well as you are. The outher woman said can I,she stepped foreword and was handed the strap and said when my brother was naughty mum would call me undress him and hand the strap to me to discipline him and she was good with it . the outher stood in front of me and took her skirt and thong off and was naked saying he must have some pleasure I was a hard as ide ever been she also took her strapping sandals off and sain Kim move over she spanked me naked with her sandal I was dripping like mad Angie leaned over and licked me dry before getting out the cane and instructed our two guests they both caned me as Angie started to bring me off the naked woman had the cane as I was getting close she was told when he cums cane him quick and hard . As her hand continued to bring me off The time came and she turned my cock twords the boobs of my caner and i came down her she obliged by increasing the speed and firness of stroke it was a most memorable climax. We exchanged numbers the caner saying she would like to come to quantock Road to repeat the experience.
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