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Given a good caneing by girlfriend Millbrook Southampton..2n

4th February 2024 - 21:12 | Dorset, Southampton

When we went to our regular play site on the edge of the New Forest at Dancing Ledges in Southampton my girlfriend I will call Angie we were caught by two women in there 40s that walked straight past the car I was bent over the bones being slippered by Angie dressed in lovely underwear including black suspenders and stockings with black high heels. One who caned me said she wished she was dressed as well afterwards swapping numbers said she would like to do it again . Something I was well up for.
Life continued as usual we had been out to Dancing ledges once for Nookie by the beach and on another occasion with Angie bent over the bonnet.
On a Saturday evening when her son was at dad's ide been out for a run we had a early dinner she went to shower she came down as usual in her highest stilettos beautiful stockings and new basque (dressed better that she always sexually doses)after we opened a bottle of wine we had a good s sensual session I poped a pair of shorts on and a shirt at 9.30 on the dot the door bell rang she opened the door I herd two women talking Angie walked in and interduced kerry a beautiful dressed woman I said your the laddy who caught up at .. she said yes and I did say I would like to do it again.i got a 2nd bottle and a glass for our guest and was told as the two laughed , And tonight's the night, the two chatted like good friends ( I later discovered they had shopped for underwear together and planed tonight talking on the phone for a few weeks)
Angie stod up and Kerry said you look horny . She took off a long coat ide already seen she had black nylon clad legs and they both had the same 5.25 in black stilettos on ( yes I am a healthy hor male that love a lady in black lace top stockings and black high stilettos on) Kerry stod up and took her coat off by then I had a stiffie in my shorts and my cock was hanging out one side. I was lucky to be Circumcised, soon after we met she took the tape to my errct cock and told Kerryi was 8.5ins , she was well dressed with her hair well done bit of red hippie on black and red short basque black leather mini skirt with stocking on show looking at them both it was hard to keep my hands off myself. Kerry had a bag with her inside a Ann Summer's carrier bag she handed it to Angie saying it a present for you both they laughed as they held the contents , a split tounge black strap and a black rideing crop. . I toped up the gasses and was told about you strip love as I did Angie reached round my chair where she had the slipper strap and the cane Kerry had brought her black strapping sandal saying she had enjoyed using it on me Angie looked at me said bend over the table and said please as Kerry used the sandal to start with after a few strokes stoped to take her leather mini skirt off and had no panties on Angie stook hers off straight away . They were just started on my bare bottom, both dressed very sexie and the atmosphere was so sexual they both used the new Ann Summer's straps on me and I did like the leather split tounge strap it made a loud slap noise felt nice and even when applied hard wasn't to painfull and she gave me a lovely erection Angie said see he's showing his appreciation Kerry said sorry . I said turn round Ang she showed a slightly red bum to Kerry and she said I thought I could smell sex and she told her I was well pleasing. A reply of with a cock like that I can see why. Angie said perhaps if we spank and cane him one night you can stay and have the pleasure. We both knew she had just split with her hubbie . She licked her lips and said I will hold you to that. They went through the toys and As Angie was using the split tounge strap on me said if you want, I then felt a hand between my legs and was told not to react to quickly to Kerrys hand after a change to a paddle and a brief taste of the cane it was back to the split tounge strap wich I learnt they both loved the feel and effect , sound it made as I started to jerk Angie looked at Kerry and said yes if you wish. She knew by my reaction I was close to coming and as Kerry put my cock between her red lips and Angie straped me very hard and fast as Kerry swollowed when we stoped I went to clean up and put my shorts back on in the kitchen was told Kerry was so turned on by it all not expecting to ever have a night like this I was to give her relief and Angie would reward me after. We went back to the lounge and Angie said put your legs up and he will help you cum . Angie had never agreed to anything like this before a woman bring me off and suck and swollow my cum then let me lick her . I gave both of them a pasonate kiss then went down on Kerry she was freshly shaven and after 20mins I had full control of her as she pulled her boobs out her bra and begged I suck them then I went back to her pussy , she bent her legs i held her heels firmly she had two orgasams before looking up at us both very embarrassed Angie came over and said it ok we cuddled and kissed each outher she put her mini skirt back on and shortly left Angie took my hand and took me to our bed .. we went the beach a few times and had a trip to dancing ledges with the straps and cane what a experence that was as she had got to know my ways and i hers . Not one but two stockings clad women in heels working together . They have become close friends , and since then Kerry has stayed sevreal nights.i now get to shave both of them, Angie is not jealous of her friend having the pleasure of sharing my cock and I've had sex with her in the front room while Angie is there and they have discussed a threesome. What a difference meeting Kerry and her friend has made to both our lives and her friend Jackie has been round in stockings and stilettos twice and also loves putting the split tounge strap over my bottom. And last Saturday night I came over her stockings and heels. Kerry wants to get matching stilettos for Jackie and the three of them spank me one evening.
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