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Girls are such hypocritical b*****! Feel the anger and the shame

Posted a year ago | London, London

This posting seemed to hit a nerve with males and females. It means I'm onto something that's a problem in our society.

Blokes, wow, there's some anger out there because you're getting it just like I described. Bob, seven years of this! Christ! Why stand still for that?

Girls, your replies are shamefaced. Meg, you don't even know why you do it. Hey at least those of you who wrote me had the balls to admit you've done it to your blokes. For every one of you there's hundreds of you who won't admit it. But we know you do it every day.

Girls demand a lot from men they they aren't prepared to give back. I want to call them out on their hypocrisy.

Many of their demands are pure mind games.

Females today are culturally raised to think it more than OK to emotionally abuse decent males. Somehow in today's world it proves their womanhood to denigrate males. Look at the awful ads where slow acting and slow thinking men are always the butts of clever, worldly women. A man doesn't have to belong to F4J to see it and know it's happening.

Their shredding awful cackling with their hen mates is just disgusting. It's always bloody man-bashing. My mates have managed to find no females who are capable of respecting them in conversation with their friends like they respect their girlfriends. Contrary to myth we don't call our birds slags to one another. But the females are vicious. Christ if we referred to other women in their presence like they often talk about us, we'd be "bastards" and "woman-hating bigots" and more.

The worst part is when a girl seeks to use shame and humiliation to discipline a man. Luckily that doesn't happen until they're in a relationship and the green light is given. A man bends over and gives his personality to her her. She abuses his trust.

The girls know when they get there because they begin forcing the choices. One by one. They compel a man to choose between her and his favorite things and activities. They check them off. They win their primitive "contest" and make him PROVE HIS LOVE by accepting the choice that SHE POSES. ME OR THE HOBBY/THE MATES/THE BIKE take your pick.

So f****ing retarded! She tries to convince a man that he must make that choice. It's all about your value to her. Stupidly she's insecure and what a man must realise is that WHATEVER SACRIFICE HE MAKES....IT WILL _NOT_ BE ENOUGH! Proving goes on forever.

Only by yielding to her will she be temporarily satisfied. Then she moves to the next thing. Curry nights with the boys. Then the next. The comic collection. Then the next. Whatever. Soon a man becomes a pussy whipped f****** beaten cur.

God forbid a man makes the wrong choice in this drawn-out f****** torture.

Girls love to get possessive and drive wedges between a guy and his friends. They are so f***** jealous of a bloke's low-maintenance male friends and the unforced emotional closeness. They cannot bring themselves to accept this as part of his life that existed before her and is independent of her. They always seek to control and limit this activity. It starts with slow whining "Oh Dave, do you really have to go to the pub just to see that awful Colin this Friday?" "Dave, you know he's a paedophile." etc.

Red alert boys! Tell her to FO. When you give in to this the first time, you give your life away.

Girls know this because nothing pisses them off more than another girl doing this to a bloke they actually know and like. "That witch Samantha! Look how she uses Derek!" BUT THEY DO EXACTLY THE SAME F***** THING TO THEIR OWN BOYFRIENDS! And nobody calls them out on it.

I do. Girls who do this are b******!
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