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Middle aged perversion...or warm avuncular mentoring for late teen/20s girls

4th October 2015 - 1:02 | Manchester UK, Elite girls' school everywhere

This is about naughty "nieces"!

Now that I am in middle age, I know why younger girls - all legal, late teens/early 20s - are so luscious. When I was their age, I didn't want them. But now I do.

They are so luminous, energetic and attractive. And they are not yet fully embittered by the failure of their dream PrinceCharming relationships into which they invest so much. They are open-minded and still ready to experiment. They kiss eagerly, they enjoy the effect their curvy bodies have on me, and of course, they come so easily. I love to mentor them, by educating them in the kinkier arts. The kind of art they can't try with the immature college boys.

Girls like this are sooo delicious in every way. They rejuvenate me!

Finding a new "niece" is always a thrill. First, we meet socially. We chat, hang out, eat dinner and share experiences. I like to learn about her studies, career plans and of course, what to do about the steady boyfriend. The girls always have one of them. He's the steady-eddy kind of worker their Mums like. I don't get in his way. She knows he's a good guy but she is always dissatisfied, because she wants excitement, a thrill, something new and a little edgy, wild. As for him, I usually tell her not to leave him because he's caring for her. But I school her in how to conduct her liaisons privately.

We have fuckfests in hotel rooms and rented apartments, we hang out at the bars where nobody knows us, randomly, and we go to museums and galleries for our culture, too. Occasionally my niece comes to Barcelona or Rome for a couple days for "a city break with her friends"... but really to be mastered by me for a couple of days of delightful assignations. Quite the thrill for us!

The parental reactions to all this are very interesting.

Their Mums realize what's going on when they start meeting the "business guy" or "friend of Louise's Dad" and they aren't specific about when, where or anything.

The Mums aren't foolish. They always know or suspect their girls are being taken and used by a kinky mature master like me. But they know there's nothing "constructive" to be done, in the sense of trying to stop it happening.

Mothers usually know that interfering in their girls' sex lives is a waste of time and creates pointless conflict. Sensible mothers pick other battles to fight.

They don't want to know how I use and dominate their lovely young offspring. But the thing is, some of their Mums aren't older than me...they had their kids young, they did it too. They remember what they wanted, how it was. They realize this is a rite of passage. They just don't want to know and as long as I get their girls home safe, and often glowing and sated, then we have a bargain.

My current rp "niece" told her Mum she'd started having sex with an older guy. Mum was cool about it, wanted to know about protection, care, location, friends involved or not. But she didn't freak out.

One previous niece didn't even know I'd given her mother my cell number when we crossed paths. She still doesn't. We met by accident during a drop-off near her house and she saw me, froze and then accosted me through the car window, initially in a hostile, accusatory way as mothers do "I think you're having sex with my daughter."

To which I said "Yes, that's right. Now, let's be sensible. She's over the age of consent. So it's not worth fighting it. I know your concerns and I'll make sure, safe sex, no drugs, and then she's home safe, no risky environments." She asked for my number and I gave it to her. I knew she wouldn't tell her husband. No problem. As always, I keep the bargain. She then occasionally called me to check on her daughter and once when she thought she was having a problem at school. That time I was able to provide some useful information that she hadn't shared with her Mum. The funniest thing was the way she began that conversation "Err, hi, this is Sam, (x)'s aren't, err, too busy right now, are you?" Hahaha! Of course I didn't laugh at her, I know she was concerned. But it's amusing to remember.

Their fathers however are more unpredictable and less stable. Some of them can handle it as sensibly as the mothers. But others can be small-minded and vengeful idiots. It's best to stay away from them. They can do things to wreck their girl's lives that the Mums won't do. They also take it so very personally, like it's a challenge to their small, misplaced egos that another man their age can be riding their good little girl daughters. Never mind that 18 year old idiot Derek wants to ride her with no protection and drive her home drunk!

These guys sometimes have a problem knowing that their little girl is now becoming a young woman and making up her own mind about who to fuck.

The best way of handling this is to work with my niece to ensure that his male ego isn't affronted by seeing her in public with me. For instance, dropping her at her place sometimes has to be done several houses away, to ensure there's no visual evidence and no unnecessary family confrontation. The 5am before-dustbin-pickup drop in the respectable neighbourhood is quite the thing.

For my "nieces," this is all part of the thrill. Being taken to a hotel room, then being introduced to increasingly kinky sex acts, then cautiously returning home...ah, yes, this is a woman's turf. She is negotiating her independence, affirming it to herself through a relationship with a man who isn't her peer. A girl can enjoy a relationship with a man who has a lot more experience, consideration, care and knowledge. It's very different than the college or schoolgirl crush or the local boy.

They're great for us. I have had relationships with several of these girls that have lasted many years. From their late teens now into their late 20s. Two of them are married, live the suburban life - but we occasionally still enjoy some role play fun.

I do love the schoolgirl look and it makes me insanely horny when she meets me in her school uniform, especially when she has ripe curves that beg to be released from those constraints. The girls think it's fun too, they enjoy using their feminine powers to make me want them. All good and healthy.

Here's to meeting and fucking more cute nieces this New Year!

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