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Female policy towards... the d.s. (DOOFUS SPERM ALERT! esp. @ the Teviot)

Posted over a year ago | Edinburgh, Ed Uni, Rose St, Corstorphine

Update: the struggle for you boys continues. Why do you find it so hard to get a girl's panties off? If you possessed real skills, you'd have women wet and hot and eager to get naked before you even meet them.

Could it be that - fairly or not - the girls think that you offer them only DOOFUS SPERM? In that case, you're toast. Now and forever. Don't be a loser. Learn how to be reclassified from a purveyor of d.s. to a desirable specimen of manhood.

From before...

Laura, thanks for that note! Hilarious! So, what did you do with him later?

Where's the d.s.? It's all around you. In your yogurt, for example. No kidding.

If it happened there, think about what's going on at the Corstorphine "organic" stores...

And the Teviot came up in convo recently. Someone asked me if that's a prime location. Yes, I'd agree that this is definitely a venue for d.s. production and maybe elicitation. Not all the male students there are idiots, granted, but some of them are real prize winners.

My companion - an Ed Uni student - and I had a couple of drinks so I asked her if she'd encountered the d.s. She peeked at me with that shamed face girls adopt when they know they've been silly. Ah well we all make mistakes. Hopefully, we learn and don't repeat the same ones.

Every woman knows that the TASTE is what differentiates yummy manseed from vile d.s. But by itself, that's not helpful info because this taste difference is not biochemical. It's all in the value she attaches to the man
who produces this elixir.

Back on track.

Okay so I am sometimes asked, now that we know how vile doofus sperm is, what is the opposite? What substance has the power to attract women?

Men don't understand that women subconsciously, or sometimes even overtly, appreciate the qualities of the man BEFORE they evaluate their reactions to a man's seed.

Men who can't spell, or who can't express themselves with syntactical proficiency, are tainted by the whiff of doofus. Unfair, well, perhaps, and perhaps not. Women love smarts. And men claiming smarts while being unable to write or spell is the most ridiculous thing on earth. You've got it, or you haven't.

It's so true that poor spelling and limited capacity for expression makes a man's semen so much less attractive. Imagine that stuff shooting over a woman....she doesn't welcome it, she wants it OFF HER BODY! AWAY FROM HER! ICK! NO-RISK-OF-CONCEIVING-BY-THE-DOOFUS!! EX-TER-MI-N-ATE! Imagine the voiceover.... like a Dalek.

Women judge the quality of the semen, as they do everything else about men, by his spelling, grammar, capacity to express, breadth of experiences.... all of this is part of the deal.

Conversely if a man can express himself well, with a twist of outrage, unmasking the social hypocrisies in amusing and provocative ways - like this - then it's superfluous to assert he is well-educated, well-traveled, well-balanced. Because it will be clearly conveyed. Women's reasoning is very sound.

Men always want shortcuts, because it takes so much effort to seduce attractive women and they want to use women as cum dumpsters...but they can't do it if they haven't got it. And women hate shortcuts...because they feel that the time spent on them by men is directly proportional to their sexual, and other, value.

Next, another no-no. Men who are wusses, or whiners, or pussies.... well they smell, if not of doofus sperm, of pussy-whipping. Women may enjoy the friendship and reliable support of such men - and I mean, no-exit, friend-zone- friendship, but they despise other women's pussy-whipped men as lovers. No way, Jose.

Next, conversely, men who are aggressive, even thuggish, and autistically arrogant are mildly interesting from a purely ovarian viewpoint, but their childish, unstable and threatening reality is so challenging that they're truly intolerable. Those awful Porsche-driving pricks! They are so divorced from human experience, so absorbed in their own minds that they are probably like DSK...i.e. they show a propensity to attempt harassing interactions with female subordinates. Or to drive so fast that they mow down other people.

That's totally classless and pathetic. If a man can't be responsible with others' lives, and if he can't attract women without exercising patronage or direct force, he's still a doofus no matter what his background.

On the other hand, dominating and using a woman, by eliciting her full, voluntary participation in her own ravishing, well, that takes Olympic skill.

In this quest, humility only goes so far. A non-doofus must be humble in certain areas...but he cannot be falsely modest about his skills and allure. For example, you know and I know that I'm what some call arrogant. As all truly masterful people are. As long as you walk the walk precisely, and know the limits of this arrogance, then it's part of the deal.

It's already clear to me - and most of you - that there's nobody on this site who is more successful than me at meeting women. My ads are the most viewed and most responded to, by quite a margin.

This fact is unpalatable to some of the wanna-be alpha males reading this. Their hackles rise to defend their imaginary "turf" - well, maybe not all imaginary in the case of the boyfriends of the two ladies I've already met - but we keep it quiet. I laugh at their infantile attempts to intimidate with their hostile emails.

So what, you're going to "give me a right kicking"? Hahaha! You, Mr. D, have no idea how to even go about this. You demonstrate typical football thuggery and your personality exudes all the sure signs of a producer of doofus sperm. No wonder you are angry, because you cannot find a female willing to absorb your d.s.

This literally impotent raging just fuels more of my amusement.

And another doofus...lookee here, he says... "Nice story, fuckin hot. Now go count your piggy bank and weep you little shit!!" Exhibiting the hallmarks of a. aggression b. incredulity and c. total inability to comprehend how to relate in a civilized manner, not just to females but anyone. No doubt, another controlling thug on the path to a DV conviction....

Meantime, as usual, women are more realistic about this and for them, there is no doubt whatsoever that I deliver. They don't even have to meet me to know this. They already know how much fun it would be to go on a date with me and they can sense how exquisitely I kiss and touch a woman who attracts me, how intensely I ravish her.

I enjoy my occasional meeting with curious Edinburgh girls when I'm in town.

So now, we have almost reached the apotheosis of today's monologue.

The opposite of doofus sperm is found in the various aspects of mastery. This is evident in the writing, the confidence, the knowledge, the self-awareness of a masterful man. His seed is very desirable indeed. It is hot, rich, creamy, thick, and very tasty. For a woman who is in touch with her inner being, this elixir is to be elicited and savoured. Everywhere. For her, it feels fantastic to make a master shoot his load into her, over her, on her. If you're a truly masterful man, WOMEN WANT YOUR SEED! And why wouldn't they...that's the whole point.

So. That's the opposite of doofus sperm. Cultivate personal skills, qualities and confidence, and a man will cultivate successful relationships with women. But, if a man whines, pleads, shouts insults...they'll know, sadly, he is still a doofus. And know that women have only one policy towards the doofus sperm...

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