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The Russian Language & University entrance

11th September 2016 - 13:39 | Cardiff UK, South Wales

The Russian Language and University entrance -
updated - 11.9.2016.


Please note -
As the exam season has already ended - the first one day course - mentioned later in this ad - has already taken place. Others are being arranged. Please contact me if you wish to be included on courses to be held during September.

*New* - As the 'A' level results are now published - students about to study Russian or Modern Languages for their degree might find the one day course very useful to them. It can be used as an introduction or perhaps a 'sampler' by people who want to decide about an 'additional' language for their course.


With the recent revival of the Cold War - are you aware how useful a knowledge of the Russian Language might be?
It is one of th1e official languages of the United Nations.
There are more native speakers of Russian in the European
part of Russia - than there are native speakers of their own language in any other country in Europe.
No matter what subject you will be studying at university - it is invaluable.
Not only Russian Language & Literature but also Politics - History - Economics - even Architecture, Building & Civil Engineering - and especially Science and Technology. Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the launching of the first artificial satellite in space - the Sputnik - and it was Russian. The modern Russian language borrows heavily from the English language - but in a very precise way. And in scientific literature the rate of borrowing has doubled over the last thirty years. Why not use the long summer vacation to prepare thoroughly for the serious investigation of this important language. Although studying will not start until the 2016 exam season is over - it might be useful to contact me now to arrange details. Send me a message with any queries you want to raise. Why not about the 3-0 defeat of Russia by Wales and their charge to the semi-finals in Euro 2016....perhaps even about England's exit! Or even about the referendum result. How will the decision of the UK to leave the EU affect Russia - and other countries in the CIS?

Are you aware of the connection between Russia, The Ukraine and Wales? Donetsk, for example, was founded by a Welshman from Merthyr Tydfil - John Hughes. Originally the town was called after him - Hughes-ofka - or in Russian letters - Yuzovka. After about sixty years the name was changed to Stalino and then finally to its present name - Donetsk - nearly 100 years after the town was founded. Nikita Krushchev's father went to Yuzovka as a seasonal worker - before moving the whole family there. Nikita studied in the town - joined a trade union and entered politics - all when the town was still called after John Hughes. He then continued in a political career that was eventually to take him take him to the number one position in the old Soviet Union. Google - 'Hughesovka' to start with...... And the Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest!


Tuition will start with a one day course arranged to suit the individual needs of students - after the 2016 exam season comes to an end.
Cost of the one day course - £25 per person.

Then individual or group study will follow up to the date of the exam in summer 2017.
Cost of the tuition - from £10 per hour.

Why not organize a small group of like-minded students and then contact me for a discussion of the matter?

Accommodation can be arranged if coming from outside the area - contact me for further information.


An attempt will be made to introduce the language to students - who are likely to be beginners in
the Russian language.

The Russian Alphabet - how to learn it - use of the dictionary - which is significantly different to other languages.

The number system.

Parts of speech -
The verb
Preposition - conjunction
The noun, pronoun, adjective.

The Russan Sentence

Contrast & compare Russian with the language(s) you are familiar with now.

Introduction to Tactical Russian

Small group - 1-4

Suggestions can be made on future progress in the language.

The Course will take place in the centre of Mountain Ash - CF453NT - in an office near the bridge - just 20 yards away.
Above the Media Centre.
Very flexible on the date of the course -
can be to suit your convenience.
It will be repeated if there is sufficient interest.

Parking is fairly easy in Mountain Ash - and it is free
(at the moment).

Public transport is also good - train or bus -
(updated - 11.9.2016)
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