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I treat women as the fucktoys they are. That's why I get plenty!

Posted over a year ago | London, London

No romantic bs. When I date a woman I have a plan. Vi-O-l-8!

Get her somewhere private. Just tear her bra down and rip her panties off. Make her kneel and suck on my hugely swollen hard cock while I squeeze her succulent tits and pinch her rapidly hardening nipples. Then I force her legs wide apart and drive deep into her uncontrollable wetness. More. Deeper. Harder. Cum deep inside her. Shoot that hot sperm where it belongs. I don't stop. Ream her again. And again. Turn her over and split her from behind, pull her hair and slap her arse while I drive inside her and cum again. She can't stop herself from cumming. F%%% yeah!

What's interesting about this is that long ago I believed in the myths of romance. But I learned that it's all total crap. No woman respected me then. They smiled coyly, pretended to be outraged by men who said these things.... like I was her BFF as they say now. They toyed with me all the while getting reamed by the bad boys.

Now I am the bad boy. I don't give a fuck anymore. I just want to bang as many women as possible, as hard as possible, in the most exciting and perverse ways possible. And I do. All the time. I get so much more action now, it's hard to reconcile this bounty with the earlier droughts.

Some women claim in public they hate me and what I say, but in reality that's reflexive image-defense. For some reason females fear expressing their perversity in public and think it enhances their ridiculous peer-group status to be seen to be prudish and controlling of base sexual urges, men's as well as their own. But plenty of them are hypocrites.

Even these mealy-mouths, the women's libbers and especially the women's studies postgrads who talk earnestly about sex is fun and men are monsters and all that...they're the kinkiest and most submissive bitches of all and it's fun to stuff their mouths with their own panties so they can't even speak before making them cum until their legs are rubberized.

Their pussies are wet and throbbing just reading this. But they cannot let anyone know!

This would be comical, were it not also so true. Most of you never know this because you take their words at face value and they toy with you. In my case, the reverse.

For maximum effect, it's better not to be a jackass at all times. This means being sociable, friendly, fun yet professional. It means being able to hold engaging conversation about a huge range of topics. I like my fucktoys to be intelligent. These qualities make the rough sex even more compelling for both of us.

Its quite possible to make females ache with lust by writing dirty and irresistable truths like this. The aura of power, of knowledge and control is simply irresistable.
I am, as always, the master of OZ.... and elsewhere.

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