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To my boss : I have a compulsion to violate women's bumholes, especially yours!

4th October 2015 - 1:00 | London UK, London

AT LAST!! I died and went to heaven! J...that was so beautiful! My boss finally read this or someone showed it to her and she made some funny comments to me last week. When nobody was around she said stuff like Do you read those weird websites, she meant crazyoz!! Turns out even though she didn't think she would be into it she was curious. She told me Friday after we finished that she was going to see if that guy online was real, and stay a half hour over in her office! She bet he wasn't that it was just a joke but she would find out. I went in my heart was jackhammering! She blushed and I felt embarrassed but I knew I couldn't miss it!! So I did it! I got to pull her panties down and lick her lovely bum even though it was only a half hour after work it was f%%% ace! My gods it was even better than I had imagined!

I suffer from a compulsion to violate women's bums. It's unstoppable. It comes over me at random times. I've always had an absolute arse-fixation thing since I was first made to lick my mother's friend's arsehole in my late teens. Don't think I didn't go for it just because she was twice my age. It was brill from the start!

My boss J. is what young un's now call a MILF. She's short, in her late 40s, curvy, long dark hair, well-spoken. She takes no nonsense but she's a looker and we all know it.

Here's the worst of it. When my boss bends over all I can think of is that bum crack of hers. I would give anything to rip J's panties off and mush my face into it and lick her crack glistening clean from top to bottom and then wiggle my tongue inside her bumhole. I shudder in perverted delight. I'd give anything to violate her arse all evening with my tongue and aching prick and whatever objects I could stuff up her. I would be "yes ma'am" so respectful all day long if I could ream her arse like that for just one evening!

It is possible that J. may read this. I hope she cannot tell which of her subordinates wants to violate her in this way.

All you lady managers in the offices. Just because we men do what you tell us in the workplace does not mean we don't want to do all kinds of perverted crap to you and with you.

If you see this and get a thrill, J, please write me! If you want it then let's do it! We keep it totally secret, no trouble or hassles. If you stay late one evening I will lick your bum for an hour or so in the corner office. You know, the one that's currently unoccupied.
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