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Why are most women so useless at sex?

Posted over a year ago | London, London&really Everywhere

You'd think that women ought to be good at this.

They claim to be the most in-touch, people-oriented beings.

But in reality most women are f%%%%% awful. Lying there expecting everything to be done to them, for them, for their benefit. Making no effort and not exerting themselves to even understand the male anatomy as they demand theirs to be understood.

Want specifics on my complaints? Here's the beef.

Most women can't give head to save their lives. Too rough! That awfulness when a woman's teeth catch on the sensitive corona... aaargh! She doesn't even get it. The violent, crude yanking on the swollen shaft...pfff! That's why a man won't stay hard.

Most women can't understand how to make a man hard for her when he's come six or seven times. She continues the rough, demanding treatment of very sensitive areas.

Most women have no concept of how to play with some big, swollen balls and maximize the erotic charge.

Even the basics, the elemental stuff...nails along a man's back, legs wrapped around, drawing him deep inside...even that is too much for some of the spoiled modern females.

When we move to the advanced arts the picture is even bleaker.

Almost no women can give a decent prostate massage. They can't even tell the difference between the vesicles and the prostate, if they can even work their fingers into your bum without inflicting pain.

No wonder most women are so frightened of anal sex...if we men did this as clumsily as they treat us, it'd be a nightmare!

So how do they get away with their conceits? Because most men are too bloody grateful that she's dropping her knickers to even ask any more questions! How pathetic is that!

Women who want sensual art need to be able to deliver it in return.

A few can. But not in the UK. Brit chicks are totally the worst, most self-absorbed and useless, operating at high levels of narcissism and low levels of sexual skill.

Koreans and Chinese give great prostate massage.

Latinas know how to give head sensually and how to move underneath a man.

Americans know how to use their tits to pleasure a man.
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