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Blackmail sex triangle

17th August 2015 - 19:06 | Manchester, Blackburn, Lancashire.

One day whilst working in my shop, a regular female customer approached me and commented on the fact that she'd seen my car parked in a secluded area a couple of nights ago with the windows all steamed up, she casually asked me if I'd had a good time and then walked off.

She'd obviously made the correct assumption that I wasn't with my wife, and was letting me know that I'd been found out and was making me sweat!

Two whole days later she came back in and acted like nothing had happened. When she made her purchases, I followed her out of the shop and caught up with her further down the road and out of sight of any staff. I asked her what she intended to do with her new found knowledge and she told me to meet her on the corner of a nearby road later that evening, and she'd tell me.

I couldn't think straight for the rest of the day and just wanted to get this meeting out of the way so that I knew what kind of shit I was in, later that evening, I was stood waiting for her when she rolled up in her 4x4 vehicle. She told me to get in and not say a word until we stopped. Ten minutes later we parked in the same spot that she'd seen me nearly a week earlier!

She told me that she could guess what I'd been doing, but she wanted to know in the minutest detail everything that happened. I started to tell her, but she stopped me and said that I had to show her by pretending that she was the 'other woman'. I was a little apprehensive but also strangely turned on, the sex was absolutely magical, probably due to the weird circumstances. However, she now expects this on a regular basis, which is about once a fortnight at the moment. I'm also still having sex with the first woman.

I know she's blackmailing me, but she has as much to lose as me, as she's also married. In a way, it's also quite a turn-on, I don't know how to stop it, or if I even want it to stop!

Is it wrong to be enjoying this as much as I am?

UPDATE: As of 1st June 2013 I'm a free man! :-) I wonder how long before I'm missing the extra-curricular sex?
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