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Strangers on a train.

19th September 2015 - 11:15 | Manchester, Preston

Travelling on a train, standing room only with people packed in together like sardines. I couldn't help but notice how stunning you looked as we were face to face with your breasts pressed against my chest.
We made eye contact for many long moments, but feeling both aroused and uncomfortable by the situation I averted my gaze to the passing landscape through the window, although I was constantly aware of your presence and the slightest movement of your body.

I felt you move to one side and your hand brushed across my groin. I didn't think it was done on purpose, but was aroused by the action.....less than ten seconds later your hand brushed across me again, but this time stayed there. I turned to look at you and you just gave me a knowing look. I pushed into your hand with my growing erection and you just smiled at me, slowly unbuttoned my jeans and started to play with my erection.
We were surrounded by people and no-one had a clue what was happening. My left hand was hold of an overhead rail to keep my balance, so I ran my right hand up your leg under your skirt and gently squeezed your bottom. I did this for a couple of minutes before managing to work my hand around the front and inbetween your legs. Your panties were sodden, which was soooo sexy......I felt you slowly adjust your posture and I managed to slide my fingers inside your panties and started to finger fuck you. You were really working my cock with long, slow movements and then rubbing your thumb across my exposed tip.

Our eyes are locked on each other as we work each other into a silent frenzy, constantly aware of the people around us but also in a world of our own. Your juices are running so freely that I pull my finger out and use the palm of my hand to gently rub your juices into your inner thighs. I can tell you like this as you sigh and drop your head backwards, you're also working my cock more vigorously. I ease your panties down so that I can cup you with my palm and work your anus with the tip of my middle finger......I'm so close to exploding and slide two fingers into you this time and bend them upwards to work your G spot which receives a low murmur of approval followed by a series of soft yet violent shudders.........

So tell me....what's the perfect ending to this scenario?
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