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"White girls can't fuck!" Discuss (50 point question)

4th October 2015 - 1:05 | London, London and everywhere

Essay question (50 points).

A. For straight guys/gay girls.

Use inductive logic. Begin with personal experience and connect observed behavior patterns to larger systems of cultural signification.

Your answer could cover factors such as: impediments to orgasm (these can be self-imposed and/or culturally-determined); self-repression; denial; cockblocking techniques; control freakery; bodily embarrassment; shame or fear of desire; and other classic British feminine qualities.

Or challenge this orthodoxy. Describe a white-bread whore and detail her voracious appetite and capacity to satisfy a demanding and experienced man. If you choose this path, you must demonstrate your experience level by performing a comparative analysis with Eastern European, Arab, Asian, Latina, black or Pacific Islander females.

B. For the straight girls (50 points).

Discuss how dirty and depraved you have been abroad with Yorgis and Manuel. Explain why you feel the need to deny your sluttish tendencies at home and why you even police other women who dare to admit they like it and want more of it. Self-reflection is key to the achievement of understanding and therefore, to realizing a high grade.

C. Gay guys, a response is not necessary. Alone among British society, you face the repressions and express yourselves regardless of societal condescension and negativity. Automatic A.

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