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Playtime fun for bored housewife....for ladies

8th October 2015 - 11:15 | London, London | Age 28

Are you bored? Hubby/bf out of town? Or you just need some extra spice, on the side, very discreetly? That's why you're here, although you're not sure if you're ready to commit to a real meeting yet.,,,

No doubt you've enjoyed adventurous sex before and now, you want to know what it would be like to go all the way.,,

So here's what I would like to do with you. I will arrive at the agreed time, could be daytime or evening, and come to an agreed place. Perhaps yours, or maybe a friend's house or flat, somewhere private and secure. We will meet there. But not for the usual date, drinks, conversation, and so on..
No, you'll be already in your bed, in a nightgown or wearing heels and suspenders. I'll fuck you in your house. We will agree on a code that I use for knocking, or I will have to buzz your gate if you have one. We will not talk at that time. I'll enter your room. You'll be apprehensive but very ready for me because you will have spent half the evening working your vibrator into your wet pussy in anticipation of this exquisite pleasure.

I will take you. All of you. I will begin by using my strength, pushing you onto your bed, kissing you, licking you, caressing your face, neck and breasts, sucking your nipples while I hold your wrists down, then I'll spread your legs wide open and force my way inside your hot, wet pussy...split you wide with my very well-dimensioned cock and press you down into your bed with my strength. I'm going to pound you so that my heavy balls slap between your legs and you can feel their weight and sense the volume of semen building inside, ready for you. I'll fuck you hard, drive you into your own bed. Then I'll shoot a huge load inside you, by now with your legs wrapped around my back. I'll hiss dirty things into your ear as I fuck you, yield! Be my dirty slut! Show me how much you enjoy being fucked! Visualize my huge erect cock splitting you and driving deep inside your hot, wet pussy...ahh!! It will be so very delicious for you and for me!

Once we've fucked like this I won't stop, I'll turn you over and ride you again, and again, and again, until you can't move. Imagine what an awesome time you will have with my huge cock stuffing your pussy deep, my heavy, full balls swinging between your legs, ready to shoot a giant load into the hard, you will feel every hot jet spurting deep inside. I'll spread your legs wide, fold them over your shoulders and ream you, deep, hard and long.

I'll turn you over and mount you, spearing my cock between your lovely creamy arse cheeks and ride you, insatiably. I'll pinch your aching stiff nipples from behind as I ride you, my other hand rubbing your clit expertly, I'll force you to reach orgasm, again, and again and again. I'll use your hot, wet pussy, your tight, sweet asshole if you enjoy anal, and your welcoming, hungry mouth for my pleasure and yours. I will play with your tight hole and spank you a little, enjoy you in every way.

After, I clean up, so do you, and we return to our normal lives as if nothing had happened, with nobody any the wiser.

To excite you maximally, this should happen in your place or your friend's, because the intimacy of opening up to me physically and psychologically cannot be matched. Also, we must not talk too much before we meet, because that removes an element of the intrigue. This will be the most exciting adventure you've ever had. ,,,,don't miss

Although I am dominant and enjoy edgy, intense sex, we will avoid any problems by agreeing on arrangements that ensure your security at all times. One method is to have a friend you trust call you at an appointed time, not known to me in advance, so that you have to confirm you are OK. Another is to meet me with your ladyfriend. Drink some wine and relax, watch me fuck her in front of your eyes, drill her until she groans in ecstacy, before I'm done with her - and then I'll do you the same way.

I don't live in your area, so there is no chance of accidental discovery of awkward professional or personal relationships.

Safe sex only, all precautions observed by both parties.

This only seems wild when first contemplated. But it's much more sensible than risking a quick shag with the guy at the pub, who is your husband's mate...when he starts calling you all the time, wanting more, where will you go? What to do about the emerging stalker/blackmailer? NO! Keep it on the QT, with me. I don't need hassle and neither do you.

The respectable ladies of the towns in the quiet Hants countryside are my preferred respondents. You know the contrast between the conservative normality of your daily life and my fun scene is just too juicy to resist! You'll have to write me now, because this takes some time to plan properly and safely.
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