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DET - Sad, dangerous and an obsessive fantasist attention seeker below!

Posted over a year ago | London, London

Quick update about the pathetic "Dominant Emperor Tiberius", the internet stalker/fantasy idiot from Benson, Arizona... although he pretends to be in the UK, Malaysia and all over the world.

He's still having trouble sorting the men who write to him from real women. Still, it stokes his narcissistic illusion, and I doubt he has anything in his life other than pretending to be this "world master". LOL.

I still find his tendency to lecture teenagers on campus just a little bit disturbing though.

Laughable delusional obsessive with nothing better to do than clutter CrazyOz up with his fantasy nonsense. Unfortunately, he appears to be immune to people laughing at him as he so very obviously merits.

Probably psychopathic. In fact, I'd now guess at psychopathic with narcissistic personality disorder. Anyone interested can look it up in DSM-IV and decide for themselves:

Anyway, here's what he has to say for himself. Note that this is consistent with the deranged narcissistic behaviour also reported in the posting titled "Proof that DET / "doofus sperm" guy is a Walter Mitty fantasist" - see
Really, what can you say about someone who is sad enough to bombard the internet constantly with this utter nonsense? He can't even tell the difference between male and female - many of the messages from "women" he boasts about in his postings are actually from guys writing to him taking the piss.

Sadly, he mistakes the message count on his postings as being actual validation for the garbage he spews. Shame he isn't intelligent enough to realise that the number of people staring at you doesn't actually make you sensible or accurate. Doofus is as doofus does. And "DET" is the biggest doofus you're ever likely to find.

Here's his message:

"Hey, nice title for your Oz post!

It's me, the master of Oz.

You are right, I am immune to being laughed at...because, that's the classic British social-control technique that some attempt to apply to those they call "deviant." In British society that doesn't take much because it's so easy to single out others and make them feel uncomfortable...just because they like their fun. It's a reason why females in Britain don't feel empowered to express themselves like most other nations do.

And obsessive, hahaha! Yes! My search for fun ***s is never-ending and when I find them I still want more.

Fantasist, not so much. All the quotes are real. Obviously they don't all come from one or two ads during a short period of time and by no means all of them are from the UK.

I posted the first commentaries last year and the response was so juicy and predictable, I couldn't help posting more.

Cheers.... your postings help achieve my goal, and no doubt the goal of the site owner too because viewership goes up all the time. I like our fun dialogue and unlike the hypocritical middle-class Brits, I don't want anyone censored. It's better if we can all express our views.

Emperor T

Email: | IP:"

The IP address locates him in Benson, Arizona, USA, and his ISP as Qwest Communications Company LLC. Why he should be sad and sleazy enough to be posting to teenagers on an Edinburgh UK campus board is a mystery. If he was really the master he claims to be, he wouldn't need to be stalking impressionable teenagers, would he?
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