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Dominant Man Looking for Submissive Woman/Girl

19th January 2015 - 19:07 | London UK, London | Age 41


I'm an easy going, intelligent, confident, attractive guy. I'm good fun, outgoing, good company and loyal and protective to those who are close to me.

That said, I'm looking for a girl who's genuinely submissive in nature. You may not be experienced but certainly need to at least have a feeling inside that you can only be truly happy if you're being dominated by a confident, secure and strong but caring man. You want to experience the relief of having responsibility taken away from you so that you're completely free to celebrate and liberate who you really are. You're looking for someone on your wave length who will take you by the hand, in hand and lead you, and allow you to embrace and enjoy your femininity.

Perhaps you've known for a long time that you were different in what you needed to be truly happy, but just didn't know how to get that, or even if it was possible; and so have suppressed those feelings or even felt a little embarassed by them. However, deep down you know they wont go away and that you're tired of trying to be something you're not and instead just want to be happy, with someone who will value you for who you really are and help you relax and enjoy it.

Of course it's not easy as men often complain that women are complicated and that you don't know what you want, when nothing is further from the truth. Deep down you know exactly what you want but may be too shy, self conscious or uncomfortable about admitting it, or perhaps you simply prefer that man be a man and know what you want, without having to be told; and if he doesn't know he simply decides. Men fail to realise that when you say you don't know where you'd like to go for dinner, you aren't looking for a debate on the merits of varous restaurants, you're lookng for the man to just take charge and make a decision. Good manners is opening the restaurant door for you and walking you to a table to sit down, not dithering by the entrance asking you where you'd like to sit, giving you yet another decsision to face which you didn't ask for. It's politically incorrect, sexist and frankly rude to tell you that you like being told what to do and yet it's refreshing, reassuring and an unbelievable turn on to simply and confidently assume it.You aren't high maintenance or difficult at all, you just aren't prepared to hand over control to someone who hasn't got a clue what he's doing, and instead want someone confident, capable and strong enough to take it.

So to be clear, I'm not looking for someone who goes to bondage parties or fetish clubs, just someone who knows they need to be taken in hand by a powerful man, and wants to find someone capable of doing that. Someone who's fed up with limp wristed metrosexuals who can't make a decsion to save their lives and feel it neccessary to ask if it's ok to kiss you, rather than just getting on and doing it. In other words, I'm looking for someone normal, but who may sometimes feel conflicted by society's perception of what a modern woman should want and your own desire to have a man grab you by the hair, pull you roughly to the bed, rip your knickers off and do as he pleases with you. Perhaps you're drawn to the idea of being dominated but in todays world of sexual equality and feminism you find yourself suppressing these feelings for fear of letting the side down, and so try to appear strong and happy to be in control when in fact, deep down, you're not, and long for someone else to take the lead and own you. It's possible that you've suppressed your submissive longings, but your desire to please has resulted in you becoming everyone's problem solver, when in fact you want the opposite and for somebody else to take control for once. It's not that you can't look after yourself or hold your own it's just that you don't want to and don't see why you should have to. Maybe you also know that you can be a bit of a handful at times but long for someone to stand up to you, take you in hand and put you in your place when you've gone too far. Someone who isn't afraid to put you over his knee and give you a good spanking if you deserve it, and so are looking for some authority, discipline and boundaries in your life. You want to please but need to be shown and told how rather than endure the headache of always having to figure it out.

Ideally I'm looking for something that might last and so would prefer to get to know you as a person first to see if we'd get on. Of course I'm sexually dominant and love nothing more than treating you like a toy or a plaything when the time's right, but there's so much more to it than that. It's just as much about leadership and guidance, from a position of care and responsibility, as it is dominance and control. First and foremost therefore, it's of the mind, and so whilst the physical and sexual aspects are very appealing and enjoyable, they're simply part of a wider and much deeper dynamic, which in turn makes things far more than usually erotic, intimate and intense; as with true dominance, your hands can be held behind your back far more securely with a look and a few words than ropes could ever achieve.

Now, you may have always known that this is what you need and want, or you might be surprised at just how much this resonates with you and so may be uncertain or a little shy about replying, but please don't be, as I'm happy to be patient and slowly guide you if all this is new to you, as long as you're truly genuine and believe that this kind of relationship would suit you and brink out the best in you.

Hopefully you're also, good natured, loyal, open minded, playful and even a bit cheeky, but perhaps you feel disconnected from others around you at times, almost as if you're a spectator and not a participant. If so you almost certainly have fantasies which you tend to keep to yourself for fear of what others may think, and just feel that you need someone who gets you, feels the same way and so will appreciate and value you for who you are rather than judge you. Maybe you occasionally feel a little lost and vulnerable and long to have someone to hide behind every now and then who will protect you and make you feel safe.

I have no preference whether you're white, black, asian etc as long you're over 18, genuine and this sounds like what you need in order to feel more deeply fulfilled, or perhaps you think it might be and are just a little shy and just want to chat and find out more. Either way get in touch and tell me a little about yourself and we'll see how we get on.

ps I believe in politeness and so will reply to anyone who takes the time to write, It may also help to add an email address to prevent any problems.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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